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West Nile Virus

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In Summary:
The children and adults who will be most prone to either a West Nile infection or harm from dangerous pesticides such as Anvil, basically can be the same individuals. In addition, some of the symptoms from both illnesses are similar. If precautions to protect against either the mosquitoes or the pesticide sprays are not sufficient and you have suspicious symptoms, check with your traditional or alternative physician. Consider other medical options, if you are not helped. If you are seriously ill, be sure to discuss your symptoms with a physician and obtain the necessary other laboratory documentation. It may be required in the future for medical or legal evaluations.

Remember, a West Nile viral infection is unlikely but possible. Sensitization to chemicals is much more apt to occur, especially if you have allergies or a weak immune system, and once this happens, you can be ill the rest of your life with flares of your original illness occurring after any future chemical exposures. We should not have to fear possible chemical poisoning in your own city and home from local governmental decisions. The treatment should never be worse than the disease and the benefit/risk ratio must always be in favor of continued good health.

For more details about any of the above, read

Key Books
1. Our Toxic World, A Wake Up Call, How chemicals affect your body, brain, behavior and sex, Chapter 8, by Dr Rapp,
(1 800 787 8780, www:drrapp.com) or Amazon.com)

2. Is This Your Child’s World (or Yours )?by Dr Rapp, call 800 787 8780 (for discount) or see Amazon.com. (See Chapters 3, 13, 15)

3. Natural Detoxification by J. Krohn and F. Taylor (bookstore, Amazon.com)

4. Detoxify or Die by Sherry Rogers, M.D. (bookstore, Amazon.com)

5. Natural Cures for Killer Germs by Cass Ingram, 800 243 5242, Knowledge House, 2000. A practical book on herbal remedies.

Key Products
6. Billie Sahley, Ph.D.,
Heal With Amino Acids contains helpful information to improve brain and nervous system function.

7. An organic liquid nutrient, Quantum Max, 888 212 6999, Foods Endo Research, North Reading MA.

8. SuperSilver, International Health, 480 429 0021.

Key Pesticide Articles (with peer reviewed references)

Pyrethrins/Pyrethrum Factsheet,
J of Pesticide Reform, Spring 2002, Vol. 22, No 1. pg 14.

Toxicology and Environmental Fate of Synthetic Pyrethroids,
Journal of Pesticide Control, fall, 1990 Vol 10, No 3, Pg 32

Pesticides and You 2004, Vol. 23, No.4., Pg 6-7
1.) Natural Does Not Mean “Non-Toxic” pg 2
2.) Infant Exposures Linked to Elevated Asthma Rates,pg 6
3.) NYC Mosquito Spraying Lawsuit, a Second Chance, pg 6,7
4.) Getting the Drift on Chemical Trespass, pg 16
5.) State Laws: Pesticide Notification Laws, pg 22
6.) Dog Owners: Beware of Lawn Pesticides, pg 24

Duke Pharmacologist Says Animal Studies on DEET’s Brain Effects Warrant Further Testing and Caution in Human Use.
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Piperonyl butoxide
Inert Ingredients in Pesticide Products EPA, OPP-361490; FRL-3190-1

Go, Vera, et al., Estrogenic Potential of Certain Pyrethroid Compounds in MCF-7Human Breast Cancer Carcinoma Cell Line. Environmental Health Perspectives, 1999 Vol. 107, No3.

Key Medical and Legal Resources
Check with www.clin.org for packages with detailed information about MCS, brain scans, school and hospital accommodations, perfume, tobacco smoke and formaldehyde toxicity, objective evidence of injury, various federal, state and local agency rulings, the fair housing acts, social security and disability claims, etc.


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