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To Help the Body Excrete More Toxic Chemicals:

1. Drink eight large glasses of purified water, in glass, not in plastic or styrofoam. This will help to eliminate chemicals in your urine.

2. Exercise in clean air (not next to a highway or sprayed lawns) to help excrete chemicals from your lungs and move them out of your muscles.

3.Take glutathione (about 10-100 mg/day) Obtain at a health food store. Glutathione helps to gather up the chemicals in the body so you to can excrete them more easily.

4. Consider improved lymphatic drainage. (See Phone Book under massage) This helps to move chemicals through the lymph channels and out of the body.

5. If the problem is severe, consider obtaining an oxygen tank and inhale 4 liters per minute every 15 -30 minutes until you feel better and are thinking more clearly. This can help quickly. You might also want to have a small oxygen tank in your car and at home for emergency treatment of chemical exposures. Check with your doctor or emergency room for a prescription and your personal instructions.

6. Take a colonic irrigation to cleanse the bowels and learn how to do an organic coffee enema to cleanse the liver. Check with a naturopathic or alternative physician.

7. Consider naturopathic detoxification baths using Epsom salts, apple cider, baking soda, sea salt, clay, ginger root, etc.

8. If you are seriously ill consider a far infra red or a heavenly heat sauna- every day for a long while. This increases perspiration and the excretion of both chemicals and trace metals. This also helps if done regularly to diminish the chemicals that accumulate in your body on a daily basis.

To Strengthen the Body’s Immune System

1. Take a quality antioxidant that contains some of the following: Vitamin A in form of beta carotene, Vitamins B, C and E, selenium, zinc, manganese, magnesium, methionine CoQ10, pynogenol, bioflavinoids, alpha lipoic acid, taurine and cysteine. Activated charcoal and chlorella also are said to be helpful.

2. Extra vitamin C can be often most helpful. Take 500mg, two to four times a day. You can take up to 3000 mg. or more but when you develop diarrhea, lower the dose a bit and then stay on a smaller amount that does not cause diarrhea. If you are seriously ill, this can be given intravenously along with other vitamins, trace metals and minerals.

Other Considerations

There are also a number of other homeopathic, herbal remedies, organic vitamins, intravenous nutrients, oxygen or ozone therapies, photoplasmaphoresis, and colloidal silver preparations that can be used as adjuncts with traditional therapies or tried when the more typical therapies are not completely effective. These might help a West Nile viral infection, as well as reactions to toxic chemicals.

For example:

1. One homeopathic remedy, such as Arsenicum album, is thought to decrease congestion in organs and promote drainage. Other remedies are also available.
For example, Dr. Bruce Shelton, 601 504 1000, is a specialist in the use of homotoxicology remedies. This entails the use of a special combination of Heel remedies as outlined in the Heel Handbook of homotoxic therapy. You or your physician can contact him or AHIMA at www.arizonahomeopathic.org.

2. Consider herbal remedies for supplementing traditional treatment or if the latter does not help.

3. Consider Acupuncture. For Phoenix area call AHIMA, 602 263 3589
In April, 2001, The United Nations declared that “Everyone has the right to live in a world free from toxic pollution and environmental degradation.” This was declared to be a human right. They felt strongly that, universally, the air and water should not be polluted. It is unfortunate that the clean air and water acts in the USA have been repeatedly weakened by our legislators.

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