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What other treatments, used by alternative doctors or other health professionals. might be helpful?

Some alternative physicians (such as Dr. Abram Ber and Dr. Bruce Shelton, for example) have a homeopathic remedy prepared from the West Nile virus. This appears to have helped some patients with this illness.

Some homeopathic remedies for viral brain infections include Atropa Belladonna, Phosphorus, Bryonia Alba For many more details see www.medicinegarden.com in a book by Eileen Nauman DHM entitled Homeopathics for Epidemics.

For more alternative herbal, homeopathic, or other therapies that might prove helpful, see information later in this report.

Some of the treatments for the chemical spray toxicity might help those who have a West Nile viral infection. There are many other capable doctors who practice alternative medicine in the Phoenix/Prescott/Sedona/Payson area who can provide potentially helpful, non-traditional modalities of therapy to treat either the West Nile viral infections or chemical sensitivities. You can also write AZhomeopathic@aol.com, for more specific information.
For Those Who Are Interested in Herbal Remedies for Infection

Cass Ingram (800 243 5242) suggests:
Both encephalitis and meningitis are an inflammation and infection of the brain with the potential for serious consequences. Sometimes these infections respond poorly to traditional drugs or therapies. If that happens, other remedies can possibly help and should be available.

For Flu: Dr. Ingram says: “The flu virus is a rather weak germ. It is highly vulnerable to natural antiseptics.” While flu is not the same as West Nile, it represents a general viral condition.

Herbs for viral flu: Oil of Oregano, Flavin-C and Oil of Bayberry

Herbs for Encephalitis: Oil of Oregano, Black-Seed Plus and Oregamax. Also Oil of Lavender, Oil of Bay Leaf, Oil of Bay Berry and juice of Rosemary.

Herbs for Meningitis: Oil of Oregano, Flavin-C and BromaZyme, Oil of Wild Lavender, Oregamax, Resvitanol.

What are Safer, Better, Less Expensive Ways to Control Mosquitoes?

Spraying a community will cost millions of dollars and put everyone and all wildlife in the area at risk from the toxic effects of whatever is used. Safer, much less expensive and effective measures are known and available.



call Mr. Tveden, 800 221 6188 for free advice that is reliable,)

Consider the Following:

(discussed in detail in Our Toxic World Chapter 8). The following stop the larvae of mosquitoes from growing in damp places by various means such as interfering with their breathing, growth, digestion, etc.

Bacillus thuringiensis
Trypsin Modulating Oostatic Factor
Mosquito Eating Fish
General Valuable Facts to Understand Pesticide Problem

1. In the past the CDC (Center for Disease Control) has stated that aerial spraying is the least effective way to control mosquitoes.

2. Aerial spraying can blow the chemical 22 or more miles away from application site.

3. Miscalculations in spray preparations are a common cause of tragic health problems.

4. Spraying is only 30 % effective in killing mosquitoes according to well documented Florida studies.

5. Most people who are exposed to an infected mosquito will not become ill. A few will have a mild flu-like illness, In NYC, for example, it was estimated that 1 person per 6 million would die of the illness.

6. It is estimated that it takes a million drops to hit a mosquito with a spray and at least 2-3 drops to kill a mosquito. Realistically, is it worth millions of dollars for aerial spraying that can do more harm to people than to the mosquito?

7. The spray will pollute the water and at 1 ppb it can kill up o 40% of fish. The spray will get into the ground water and then out your kitchen faucet in a very low concentration. In parts per quadrillion these chemicals are reported to damage the unborn of animals. It also pollutes the soil and any crops grown on polluted ground.

8. Sprays wipe out natural predators of mosquitoes and tend to make those that live, more aggressive in nature.

They disrupt the normal balance of nature.

Last Tips for Those in Phoenix Area

If you do not want your home area sprayed, call 602 506 0712
If you want to complain to Board of Supervisors, call 602 506 3415

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