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Special Reports

Why and How to Protect Your Home Town
from Pesticide Spraying and Other Chemical Pollution

Excerpted and updated from Chapter 8 of 

"Our Toxic World - a Wake up Call"

By Doris Rapp, M.D. 2004


     With the threat of West Nile virus, cities across the country will have to decide exactly what chemicals they will use to control mosquitoes or other insects. The West Nile threat was first found in New York City in 1999, but has reached across the country now. This Report looks at local governmental responses to this, and gives you some idea what you as an individual can do to both find out what the decision makers intend to do and possibly how you can influence them. This Special Report will give you pertinent facts about chemicals that can directly affect your health and the well being of those you love and what you can do to help.

  Some of the topics covered include:

What Do You Need to Know to Protect Your Home Town?

What Are the Known Acute and Chronic Symptoms from Malathion Exposures?

What about the Other Sprayed Pesticide Chemicals or Ingredients?

Who Is Most Vulnerable to Chemically Polluted Air?

What Does Malathion Do to Wildlife? What Does Malathion Do to Humans?

Before Pesticide Spraying, What Should the Public Know?

How High Is Your Risk of Becoming Ill with West Nile Encephalitis?

How Can Those Exposed Help Diminish the Effects of Toxic Chemicals?

What Can You Do to Prevent or Treat West Nile


THE MOSQUITO CHALLENGE: How Are Mosquitoes Claimed to Be Safely Eradicated?

What Are Specific Safer, More Effective Mosquito Control Measures to Use Outside?


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For additional information,references and resources
on West Nile virus,you may order the Special Report
available on the order form on this website, or Dr. Rapp's book
"Our Toxic World - a Wake Up Call"
available on the order form on this website.
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