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This book is classic. It provides comprehensive, simple, straightforward, practical and concise helpful questions and answers about typical allergies. It discusses the types of allergies that affect different age groups. It explains how to prevent and how to detect unsuspected allergies. It also tells what you can do to help yourself and when you need the advice and help of a physician.

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Environmentally Sick Schools This accompanying video for the book Is This Your Child's World?, vividly demonstrates exactly how some students and teachers react when they are exposed to dust, molds, pollen, foods, chemicals, school air, and school carpets. (90 min)

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Environmental Allergy Control

A detailed and instructional VHS video about how to make your home more environmentally safe. (61 min)

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Why a Clean Classroom? This VHS video is primarily for educators and parents. It illustrates the pressing need for environmentally clean classrooms and explains some simple, easy, and cost- effective ways to achieve them. The reactions of several students during allergy testing or after exposure to dust, molds, pollen, foods and chemicals are clearly demonstrated. Comments from mothers are included. (60 min)

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Allergies Do Alter Activities and Behavior

This VHS video has three parts and is primarily for educators and parents. It illustrates the pressing need for environmentally clean classrooms and explains some simple, easy, and cost-effective ways to achieve them. It clarifies the relationship of unsuspected allergies to some children's sudden health, behavior, activity or learning problems. (43 min)
  • Part I (11 min) vividly shows how some allergic children feel, look, act, behave, write or draw.
  • Part II (15 min) tells what causes allergy and what you can do about it. It pinpoints offending environmental factors or triggering substances. It clearly shows how molds, dust, pollen, pets, foods, and chemicals can be factors related to our well-being, behavior, or ability to learn.
  • Part III (17 min) correlates some children's behavior with their response to allergy tests. It shows an allergic infant and other children who have fatigue, hyperactivity, Tourette's Syndrome, or learning problems.


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Five Allergic Children This VHS video vividly displays five children's reactions to common, everyday foods. The mother's comments are also included. (15 min)

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Mold Reactions In Children And Adults This VHS video shows how many areas of the body can change after exposure to mold spores or toxins. Children and adults can be affected in ways that are not recognized by many in the healing professions. (30 min)

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Chemical Reactions In Children And Adults This VHS video shows what the exposure to Chemicals and toxins, are doing to our body. Children and adults can be affected in ways that are not recognized by many in the healing professions. (30 min)

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Our Toxic World -
A Wake Up Call

Why and How to Protect Your Home Town from Pesticide Spraying and Other Chemical Pollution. Excerpted and updated from Chapter 8 of Dr. Rapp's book.
  • What Do You Need to Know to Protect Your Home Town?

  • What Are the Known Acute and Chronic Symptoms from Malathion Exposures?

  • What about the Other Sprayed Pesticide Chemicals or Ingredients?

  • Who Is Most Vulnerable to Chemically Polluted Air?

  • What Does Malathion Do to Humans and Animals?

  • Before Pesticide Spraying, What Should the Public Know?

  • How High Is Your Risk of Becoming Ill with West Nile Encephalitis?

  • What Can You Do to Prevent or Treat West Nile Encephalitis?

  • What Are Specific Safer, More Effective Mosquito Control Measures to Use Outside?

And Much More!!!



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This Special Report is the distillation of Dr. Rapp’s many years of working with children and adults who have these diagnoses. With many References, this Special Report can also take the inquiring parent both to material about ADD and ADHD and other sources of help and support.


This Special Report covers:

Incidence in Children and Adults
Animals and Wildlife Studies
Human Research and Observations
Treatment with Drugs, with Pros and Cons of Ritalin®
Clinical Observations
Ways to Help ADD and ADHD
Effectiveness of Combined Measures


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Is Your Mattress Safe?

By law, as of July, 2007, all mattresses must contain flame retardants in the form of boric acid, antimony and/or formaldehyde. These can cause a wide range of medical complaints including coughing, asthma, rashes, eye and nose irritation, sleeplessness, headaches, fatigue, muscle  and joint aches, activity, behavior and memory problems. Some can also cause cancer in animals and humans.

By law, the mattress company does not have to label the mattress or tell you which chemicals are in your mattress. There are tentative plans to place similar flame retardants in all stuffed furniture, pillows, comforters, sleepwear, etc. by 2008. This is the time to contact your political representatives and insist the present law be rescinded and the new law not be implemented. The health of your loved ones and yourself are at stake.

It is possible to purchase a mattress without chemicals. There are simple steps you can take to prove your mattress is making you ill.  And obtaining a doctor’s note to purchase a chemically free mattress can be a simple process.  Learn about  these and other simple and effective steps you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones in our new report “Is Your Mattress Safe?”

This informative booklet contains clearly explained details on:

  • Common symptoms associated with toxic mattresses

  • Which toxic substances are in some mattresses and their harmful effects on humans and animals.

  • The things you need to do to properly document your mattress-related illness.

  • Where to obtain tests to prove that you have been poisoned.

  • Where to send a piece of your mattress to document the toxicity.

  • How to prove that it is the chemicals in the mattress and not the mattress that is causing illness.

  • The best way to request a refund on a toxic mattress.

  • What the federal protection agencies have stated in relation to the chemicals presently found in mattresses.

  • The potential toxicity problems in relation to the expanded use of flame retardants in 2008.



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