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   Don't sleep in a bedroom that contains freshly dry cleaned clothing or mothballs. Wearing freshly dry cleaned clothes increases your chance of cancer.
  Use only natural cleaning products for dishes, floors, laundry, disinfectants and deodorizers. Use no scented sheets in the dryer. Use Bon Ami polishing powder for scouring powder. Use no aerosol or pine smelling cleaning materials or anything that contains phenol.
  Use only natural personal body products and cosmetics, and use "Essential" sanitary napkins. Use pure cotton diapers or "Tushies" for disposable diapers. Buy at health food stores or call N.E.E.D.S. 800.634.1380.
  Do not use fingernail polish or remover. Use only natural food dyes. Don't eat fish from the Great Lakes or other lakes where the water is heavily polluted with chemicals.1h,7 (If such fish are eaten two to three times a month, the babies can have a smaller heads and brains than normal. Those with elevated PCBs can be delayed developmentally so they talk and walk late, and some have significant learning problems.)1j,8
  Don't wash your dog with a flea pesticide solution or put a pest collar on your dog because this can cause a six fold increase in your unborn child's chance of developing some form of cancer (leukemia or lymphoma) by the age of six or seven years.
  Avoid cigarette or tobacco smoke and alcohol in all forms. Avoid all obvious chemical odors. Be the first in the beauty parlor on a slow day, before it is too heavily polluted. Use your own non-allergenic hairspray, such as "Clinique."
  Do not dye your hair. If you do, use entirely natural dye from health food store.
  Do not use any pesticide inside or outside of your house unless you are certain the chemicals used are entirely safe. Avoid all pesticides. In one study when pregnant women were exposed to PCBs, their infants had smaller penises and increased behavior problems. In other studies, as PCB exposed children grew older, they tended to developed thyroid disease and learning problems.1k,9 Other studies have shown similar changes in animals exposed to PCBs. (Get Set at 800.221.6188 has a helpful book entitled The Bug Stops Here that can be downloaded at no charge from or
  Avoid all habit-forming addictive type drugs, such as cocaine, Ritalin, etc.    Don't cook in Teflon under high heat. (The chemicals given off can kill birds and we do not know what it does to infants or humans.)
  Do not personally lay a synthetic carpet. Hard wood or hard tile flooring and non-toxic glue are much preferred. Non-toxic carpet is available: call 716-875-0398.
  Do not paint or remodel your baby's room unless you use allergy-free paint.
  Decorate with cotton fabric and try to use only genuine hard wood furniture. Use no plywood or particleboard because it contains formaldehyde. (N.E.E.D.S., P.O. Box 580, East Syracuse NY 13057. 800.634.1380.)
  Be wary of a moldy smelling home or room for an infant. Molds can seriously harm infants in many ways.2,10 After the Baby Is Here
  Use only natural organic cotton for clothing.
  Use washable or totally organic disposable cotton diapers or disposable Tushies (800.344.6379).
  Do not use any chemical-smelling wipes.
  Try to breast feed. It was created for babies. (It takes two to six hours for the foods a mother eats to reach the breast milk so you can often easily detect food allergies if a mother eats a food to which her infant is sensitive. Chemicals can pass into the breast more quickly than foods.)
  If you can't or won't breast feed, heat non-genetically engineered milk or soy in a glass bottle in a pot of water.
  Buy no irradiated foods or milk. They can cause a 20 to 80 % decrease in nutrients. Irradiation can cause a sevenfold increase in benzene in irradiated beef. This solvent is a cause of leukemia in children. In animal studies, heart lesions developed in 83% of 25 animals in 85 days when they were fed uncooked irradiated milk. Control animals had no heart lesions. I know of no studies to verify the safety of irradiated products in the human fetus, newborn, or children.1m,11
  Heat nothing in plastic and nothing in a microwave. (It decreases the nutrient and energy value of foods and can contaminate the heated food with the dangerous or harmful chemicals found in plastic.) Do not freeze or heat anything in plastic.
  Feed your infant only organic food that you prepare, or natural baby food from health food stores. (One study showed that 76 non-organic baby foods contained 16 different pesticides. Every day 77,000 infants are fed commercial non-organic foods that contain unsafe levels of pesticides1n,12 Give your baby only natural organic vitamins.
  Read Sherri Tenpenny's website entitled before you make any decisions about immunization with vaccines. Many studies indicate infant damage because of many trace metals, such as mercury, found in most vaccines.13a,b


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