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"Our Toxic World"

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"Our Toxic World"

A Wake Up Call

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This 520-page book is about chemicals and how they are hurting our children, all wildlife, our planet and us. Find out how to protect yourself and, your loved ones, We have polluted our air, water, soil, food, homes, schools and, workplaces. WE MUST STOP IT!

Chemicals damage:

Our immune system: causing infections, allergies and cancer.

Our endocrine system: causing thyroid disease and adrenal disease and diabetes. 

Our nervous system: causing learning and behavior problems. 

Our reproductive system: causing major sexual difficulties, and changes. 

The list of personal care product ingredients linked to potential health hazards is as dizzying as the toxic effects these chemicals can cause. Isopropyl alcohol, methylene chloride, nitrosodiethanolamine, DMDM Hydantoin and imidazolidinyl urea are just a few of the difficult to pronounce chemicals in personal products that can contribute to illnesses as wide ranging as chronic fatigue, asthma, skin problems, and a variety of cancers.

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In her breakthrough book, "Is This Your Child's World?” Dr. Doris Rapp identifies the major symptoms of potentially unrecognized allergies in children and adults, such as:
Allergic Nose Rub • Eye Circles • Red Ears • Red Cheeks • Eye Wrinkles • Aggression • Lack of Alertness • Mottled Tongue
In this book, Dr. Doris Rapp offers a simple yet effective approach to handling "problem" children and shows parents how to identify the common foods, chemicals, or common allergic substances that could be the culprits which cause some children, and even adults, to feel unwell or act inappropriately. If your child is always sick, hyperactive, a slow learner, or cranky, the first question you should ask is not "What drug should be prescribed?" or "What have I done wrong as a parent?" Instead, find out the cause."
One such family writes - "Much of the knowledge you imparted and many of the referrals you offered have helped us in our struggle to find the answers to our son's illness. Your wisdom, conviction and support have served to strengthen my resolve many times when certain neurologists, pediatricians and others would rather that I abandon my commitment to my son's future and my God-given parental responsibilities in order to defer to their greater skills and experience. We respect you and your insight greatly." -Victoria A. Beck, Bedford, NH

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 "Everyday we are exposed to numerous chemicals, many without even knowing, that wreak havoc upon our health. These chemicals saturate our environment from the air we breathe to the water we drink. They're in the homes we live in and the products we use, and all of us are at risk. Dr. Doris Rapp, board certified in environmental medicine, pediatrics and allergy, has written a highly important new book, Our Toxic World: A Wake Up Call, that thoroughly addresses this topic--it is truly "a wake up call" that we all need.
  The book provides readers with over 500 pages of crucial information that will teach you how to keep yourself and your loved ones out of harm's way and help you to truly live healthy in our toxic world. You will learn not only how chemicals play a major role in causing many of today's health challenges including the widespread epidemics of ADHD, cancer, fatigue, headaches, obesity, early puberty, sterility, brain defects, and muscle and visual problems that are facing the nation, but also how to determine if chemicals are making you sick and what to do about it." - Dr. Mercola

Doris J. Rapp, MD.
F.A.A.A., F.A.A.P. 

Dr. Rapp is a board-certified environmental medical specialist and pediatric allergist. She was a clinical assistant professor of pediatrics at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Dr. Rapp is the founder of the Practical Allergy Foundation in Buffalo and is a past President of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine. She is also the author of "Is This Your Child's World?” a book to help identify substances which cause illness and behavioral changes in children and adults, and for providing treatment ideas.

Our Health and Our Environment...

Through education and research, Dr. Doris J. Rapp, has dedicated her life to understanding the environmental factors that can affect our quality of life. In our high tech, high stress, high profit world of today, the "progress at any cost" mentality is rapidly depleting our physiological abilities to cope with an increasingly dangerous environment. All plants and forms of wildlife are in severe danger.

In "Is This Your Child's World?” Dr. Rapp's comprehensive book on identifying substances, which causes behavioral changes in children and adults, and for providing treatment ideas, Dr. Rapp seeks to demystify environmental illness and to empower people to claim their rights to healthy places to live, work and study.

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