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Current Tips 6/15/05

1. Individual states are now determining if they will restrict or not restrict foods such as genetically engineered on a local county basis. Check on what they plan to do in your area.

2.Air Pollutants cause children (and adults) to have asthma and respiratory disease- and harm the growth of children's lungs. People who live in non-industrial areas where the air, soil, and water are less polluted, have less illness and live longer. The more ozone, the higher the death rate.

3. Roundup exposure can damage the unborn baby in the uterus. see and cry. We must do more to protect the babies!!!!

4. A lawsuit against spraying the NY water with a toxic chemical to control West Nile infected mosquitoes is to be decided soon. Next newsletter will tell you what happened.

5. A study at Harvard Dental College suggests fluoride in water might be a contributory factor related to bone cancer in boys.

6.Shanna Swan MD at U of Rochester found the urine of pregnant women with high levels of phthalates or plastic in their bodies have male infants with genital differences, including slightly smaller penises. Very low doses of this and other types of chemicals can cause significant changes in sexuality. These finding are similar to those described in several forms of wildlife. Phthalates are in soft plastic, cling wrap etc., Girls can also be affected and some develop breasts at 6-8 yrs of age. Should we be concerned? I certainly think so. For more details see my book, Chapter 5 of Our Toxic World A Wake Up Call (1 800 787 7870)

7. If someone you love is going to Iraq, get the sperm or eggs saved so when they return, their offspring have a better chance of being normal. Those who fought in Viet Nam still have sperm that is not normal.

8. Boric acid by law must now be added in rather large amounts to mattresses. This powder can get into the lungs of children in particular and cause respiratory illness. Make your own mattress or clean up an old one. If time allows, I will try to give updates of new information each week from now on.

Dr. Rapp

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