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How to Control Moths - Without Hurting You.

Be sure woolen clothing is clean. If it can be washed, then that is preferred. If the wool must be dry-cleaned, then hang it up, preferably outside, until the odor of dry-cleaning is gone.

Then wrap and seal your wools in pure cotton - not cotton that does not need to be ironed for that contains a chemical. Old cotton sheets are best. .

Add a piece of paper that smells of some herbs such as peppermint or orange. (The essential oil herbs must be organic). This is much better and safer than mothballs that can cause cancer.

It is wise to keep the essential oil aroma in your closet by keeping a bit of these oils on a piece of cloth. The aroma will discourage insects

August Tip

Would you like to clear up certain medical problems in one week?

Here is how others have done it, all on their own, but if you decide to do what others have done, you must:

1. Promise to check it out with your personal physician first. Only your doctor knows your medical history well enough to say a diet is ok.

2. Date and fill in the history form (call the Environmental Medical Research Foundation at 1-800-78-78-780 for a copy by email or in the mail).

3. Date and keep a sample of your handwriting and name. Write on a piece of paper for me: 

I am going to try a simple one week diet.

At the end of the week's diet, date and write:

I have just tried Dr. Rapp's diet. Then sign your name.

(In fact, it would be even more helpful if you wrote your name and dated it at the beginning and end of each day on the diet. This can sometimes tell you if a food interferes with your thinking and writing.)

4. If you have asthma, check your breathing with a Peak Flow Meter, before you start any diet plan, and after it is completed. If you do not have one, call 1-800-787-8780.

5. If you have heart problems check your pulse and your blood pressure at the start of each day of the diet and after it is completed. Yes - if a food  is at fault, you might find this relieves a cardiac problem.

6. Send a letter to P.O. Box 60, Buffalo, NY 14223 with the results.


This has helped many with chronic multiple medical complaints:

Try eating nothing white for a week. No milk or dairy, white flour baked goods, white sugar (or brown, which is white with some molasses added),  potatoes or white rice.

You might feel worse for 1st 3-4 days, but by end of week, better than you have felt in ages. The following week, add back the foods that were not eaten, one each day. See which ones cause what in the next hour, or the next 8-12 hours or by next morning. Look for signs of arthritis, colitis, ear infections and eczema.



    Alert: Watch out for newer mattresses. They can contain as much as 1.5 pounds of boric acid in a queen sized mattress. Even the infant mattresses are polluted with this chemical which in diluted forms was found to be toxic for some infants when applied to the skin. This substance is toxic to insects and used as a flame retardant. If the mattress says it is” treated”, the treatment can be boric acid.
BUT, It is toxic to unborn infants, (pregnant mothers sleeping on one for 8 hours a night) and on the testicles of boys. It has been associated with low birth weight, eye malformations and problems with the nervous system. There are no studies to show this is not toxic when placed in mattresses. We need more research before this practice is continued and until then, beware of such mattresses in any age group.

Can Chemicals Cause Epidemics?

is the next book planned by Dr. Rapp.
This book is planned to be published in 2007.

(and look for more tips every month)

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