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"Our Toxic World"

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" Our Toxic World -A Wake Up Call"  


This 520-page book is about chemicals and how they are hurting ourchildren, all wildlife, our planet and us. Find out how to protectyourself and your loved ones, We have polluted our air, water, soil, food, homes, schools and workplaces. WE MUST STOP IT!

Chemicals damage:

Our immune systems causing infections, allergies and cancer.
Our edocrine system causing thyroid, and adrenal disease and diabetes.
Our nervous system causing learning and behavior problems.
Our reproductive system causing major sexual difficulties.  
We now have epidemics of ADHD, cancer, fatigue, headaches, obesity, early puberty, sterility, brain defects, muscle and visual problems to name only a few.
We must stop and figure out why. Eliminate the cause and there's nothing to treat. Chemicals are major causes of today's health challenges; Find out why you must make your own nest safe, now!

BOOK: Is This Your Child?
By Dr. Rapp $14.00
 "Dr. Rapp discusses how it is sometimes possible to detect and help an infant's, child's or adult's allergies. Many only need to make a few simple changes in their diet or their home to relieve certain chronic health, activity, disposition, or learning problems.
From the introduction by Lendon Smith, MD Does your child or do you suffer from nose congestion, ear infections, asthma, depression, intestinal problems, leg aches, bed-wetting, muscle aches, hyperactivity, tantrums, or erratic learning or writing?
If your answer is yes, Is This Your Child? Might provide an answer to your child's (or your own) health problems. This 627 page book describes environmental illness and details the typical and the lese-readily recognized dues in various age groups Dr. Rapp discusses how it is sometimes possible to detect and help an infant's, child's or adult's allergies.
Many people only need to make a few simple changes in their diet or their home to relieve certain chronic health, activity, disposition, or learning problems. 

BOOK: Is This Your Child's World? (Or Yours?)- For Students - Parents - Teachers
This new practical book tells you exactly what you, your teacher, your school, and your doctor want and need to know about illness due to school, home and environmental exposures.

How can you easily tell if the indoor air affects the way your children or their teachers look, feel, act, behave, write, draw, or remember? 
How can you best determine the cause of these problems and what you and/or your child's school can do about them?
Learn how to get the right answers by asking the right kinds of questions and then where to turn for help.  * Whenever possible, the advice is separated into what is:
Fast, Easy And Inexpensive?
 * Better, But More Expensive?
 * Best, But Definitely Costly?
Soft cover $16.00 Hard cover $20.00

Learn to Recognize

"The beauty of your new book is that it is user-friendly. It is easy for the reader to skip around looking for explanations to questions that puzzle them because of the way you subdivided it into several book sections. The numerous case histories add a needed personal touch for the reader. Your references are great - book titles, labs, how to contact them are all there!" - Anna Marie and Joe Wojcik, Yonkers, NY       

"For the many years of dedication and contributions in the field of environmental medicine I feel Dr. Rapp certainly deserves a Nobel Prize. I encourage parents to suggest to their pediatrician they read Dr. Rapp's book. The book is a wealth of Information that took years of research to compile." - Dr. Billie Sahley, Ph.D.

"I have always been impressed with Dr. Rapp's ability to articulate for both the layman and the professional the essence of environmental medicine in a wide variety of media and circumstances. You would be wise to use he in your media program." - Douglas B. Seba, Ph.D., Vice President, Academy of Marine Sciences

"She is an original and highly talented physician who is extremely -gifted as a teacher and motivational expert for M.D. 's as well as patients. She is exceptional as a teacher and as an investigator while being highly original as well as successful. She is truly qualified to teach and orient at all levels of medical education from M.D. 's to patients. Dr. Rapp is a credit to the medical profession."- Patricia Ann Smith, M.D., Tampico, Mexico

BOOK: The Impossible Child, At Home and At School
 "Teachers, counselors, probation officers, parents, grandparents, doctors, and anyone who has a friend, lover or relative must know the facts in this revealing book. Now, because of the work of Dr. Rapp, we can blame foods and the things we breathe for these behaviors.    Only9.00

BOOKLET: Make The Connection
 This 16-page booklet provides concise practical information to help some allergic individuals recognize why they are frequently or always ill.  It lists common environmental causes of such diverse problems as bed-wetting, earaches, arthritis, etc.   Only ($3.25)BOOK: Allergies and Your Family
 This book is classic. It provides comprehensive, simple, straightforward, practical and concise helpful questions and answers about typical allergies. It discusses the types of allergies that affect different age groups. It explains how to prevent and how to detect unsuspected allergies. It also tells what you can do to help yourself and when you need the advice and help of a physician. Only ($10.00)   

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