Practical Pearls to Help You Today DVD


See and learn about chemical sensitivities and how to identify them. This 90 minute, 2-disc DVD has it all.

See mice become paralyzed from a carpet exposure in 3 hours. A teacher loses her voice in seconds from chemical exposure as develops asthma.

See one drop of yeast cause arthritis symptoms and see a teenager act depressed and psychotic after exposure to natural gas.

Seeing is believing!

Part 1, 50 min,Part 2 40 min.
Part 1.

  • Intro Rapp
  • Mice dead in 3-4 hours from school carpet emissions.
  • Sandra reaction
  • Discussion of allergies in general- and antibiotics
  • Mary Anne, arthritis- yeast
  • Beth, natural gas
  • Big 5
  • Braedon, dust - angry, irritable
  • Inside,outside,
  • Jonathan, Tree pollen- aggression
  • Food
  • Taylor egg, belly ache
  • P/N tests

Part 2, 40 min.

  • Food allergy discussion, diets, favorite foods- milk and dairy etc
  • Single food diet, suspect foods, multiple food elimination allergy diet. treatment. P/N tests were known ago 70 years ago and amazingly still few know about this astounding medical advance.!!!! (since 40′s)
  • Environmental control
  • Chemicals
  • Testing
  • Summary


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