Dr. Rapp has written many books to help children and adults. The two that would help those with allergies the most are: Is This Your Child?- This New York Times’ Best Seller has many examples of different types of children’s allergies and Is This Your Child’s World?This book is written mainly about  school- related allergies but it [...]

Your drinking water can contain trace amounts of medications for high blood pressure, depression, cholesterol, hormone replacement, etc. Minute concentrations of some chemicals, even in ppq (parts per quadrillion), can cause drastic changes in how some people and animals feel and act. To drink and cook with, try bottled water for one week and see [...]

Natural or synthetic trees both can cause allergies. Notice if you feel well before you set the tree up and definitely feel unwell within a few hours to a day or two. Sometimes the health problems appear that quickly. Remember, allergies can affect any part of your body and can do much more than cause [...]

The answer is no according to Sherri Tenpenny, MD. Too many women have an unnecessary mastectomy, chemotherapy or radiation, because of an incorrect interpretation of a mammogram. It’s estimated screening 2,000 women will save one woman’s life but this can lead to 200 false positives and 10 unnecessary surgeries. In addition, in the 10 years [...]

It is difficult to tell if rice contains too much arsenic. It seems there is increased evidence that a number of foods may have unsafe levels of arsenic. Pregnant women in particular should try to eat only organic foods. The best protection is probably to ingest only rice labelled organic, expecially if you are pregnant.

The EPA has stated that 30% of insecticides, 60% of herbicides, and 90% of fungicides can cause cancer. They are well aware of the dangers to the public. Once they know for sure how toxic a chemical is and go forth to protect us, they act upon that information. One chemical they ‘acted’ upon was [...]

There is large concern at the present time about how much arsenic is in our fruit juices. It appears that arsenic is usually present, but in low safe levels. The big question is how many fruit juices contain how much arsenic and how safe are those levels. Are there different types of arsenic? Most measurements [...]

Genetic Engineering means the basic DNA molecules are redesigned to create new forms of life. Genes are the DNA blueprint building blocks found in all living things. This technology enables the manufacturers to break down genetic barriers between species and among humans, animals and plants. The genes from viruses, bacteria and antibiotics can be inserted [...]

Do you feel that you are honestly and genuinely suffering from a health problem, but nobody can tell you what it is? Have you tried prescription or over-the-counter drugs to treat your symptoms, and received no relief? Has your doctor or someone else told you that it’s “all in your head?” When doctors do not [...]

There is a simple, cheap, and effective form of Autism Prevention therapy. Here it is: Less than 1% of all doctors in the USA are even aware that vitamin C takes all minerals, including heavy metals out of the body. It’s not true chelation, as vitamin C combines metabolically, but it’s the same result. Take [...]

Is your sperm count too low? Are your son’s testicles undescended? Is your penis deformed? Is the opening of the penis in the wrong place? Do you have cancer of the testicles? All of this can and is happening from chemicals in rats. Can it happen to you and your male offspring as well? It [...]

Looking For An Inexpensive Holiday Gift That Could Help In 1-7 Days? Is Your Drinking Water Hurting You? Choosing A Safe Christmas Tree Are Mammograms The Way To Go? Arsenic Alert Is Your Golf Game A Little Off At Times? Is Arsenic in Your Fruit Juice? What is Genetic Engineering-Genetic Modification? Do People Say It’s “All In Your Head?” Preventing Autism: Cheap, Simple and EFFECTIVE Chemicals Make Males Feminine - Even Before Birth

Our Toxic World - A Wake Up Call

Our Toxic World - A Wake Up Call by Doris Rapp, MD

This 510-page book is about chemicals and how they are hurting our children, all wildlife, our planet and us. Find out how to protect yourself and your loved ones, we have polluted our air, water, soil, food, homes, schools and workplace.WE MUST STOP IT!

Chemicals damage:

  • Our immune systems causing infections, allergies and cancer;
  • Our endocrine system causing thyroid, and adrenal disease, and diabetes;
  • Our nervous system causing learning and behavior problems;
  • Our reproductive system causing major sexual difficulties, and changes.

We now have epidemics of ADHD, cancer, fatigue, headaches, obesity, early puberty, sterility, brain defects, muscle and visual problems to name only a few. We must stop and figure out why. Eliminate the cause and there’s nothing to treat. Chemicals are major causes of today’s health challenges. Find out why you must make your own nest safe, now!

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