Allergy Answers - A Simple and Effective Self-Help Guide To Allergies

This little 19 page booklet has what you need to know and do if you have allergies interfering with your life. Learn the bottom line “nuts and bolts” about what causes and what helps those suffering with allergies.

The first part tells which are the common known and the often unrecognized symptoms of allergy that can alter your health, actions, behavior, appearance, writing and ability to learn.

The second part tells the clues to help you easily pinpoint the causes by knowing the “Big Five”.

Part 3 explains how you can find out if you are ill because of foods, chemicals or something inside or outside your home, school or work area. It explains how a simple personal health map will provide many unexpected and essential answers.

And best of all, Part 4 has the exact diet that has helped more children and adults with food allergies than Dr. Rapp ever dreamed possible. Many who had food allergies claimed to be significantly better in five to seven days, at no cost.

If your allergies are due to dust, mold, pollen or chemicals, however, Part 5 can possibly help in one day or less. The booklet tells a way how you can surprisingly try out a quality air purifier for a month for only $25.

If you are tired of being sick and want to know why and what to do ab out it, this booklet will definitely provide the kind of insight you will wish you had known years ago. This booklet is a condensation of the major tips Dr. Rapp found after over 40 years of practicing allergy. It is often possible to feel better, very quickly and inexpensively if you know the “32 Tips to Save Your Life.”

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