Allergies Do Alter Activities and Behavior DVD


This DVD shows 17 children, aged 15 months to 17 years,  reacting to various foods, molds, pollen and school air. The children were taped before, during and after their reactions. The reactions included  hyperactivity, aggression, depression, withdrawal, anger, crying, barking, and problems writing or drawing.

This DVD has three parts and is primarily for educators and parents. It illustrates the pressing need for environmentally clean classrooms and explains some simple, easy, and cost-effective ways to achieve them. It clarifies the relationship of unsuspected allergies to some children’s sudden health, behavior, activity or learning problems. (43 min)

Part I (11 min) vividly shows how some allergic children feel, look, act, behave, write or draw.

Part II (15 min) tells what causes allergy and what you can do about it. It pinpoints offending environmental factors or triggering substances. It clearly shows how molds, dust, pollen, pets, foods, and chemicals can be factors related to our well-being, behavior, or ability to learn.

Part III (17 min) correlates some children’s behavior with their response to allergy tests. It shows an allergic infant and other children who have fatigue, hyperactivity, Tourette’s Syndrome, or learning problems.


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