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The First Turning Point in My Practice

    In l975 I learned that there were newer and better ways to practice allergy.  I found out:
* That allergy was much more than hay fever, asthma and itchy skin. Dust, molds, foods, pollen, chemicals, and electromagnetic energy could affect any area of the body or brain.
* How to do a 3-7 day diet to pinpoint elusive food problems.
* Many do not recognize that chemicals can cause terrible illness.
* That there is a slower but much better way to do allergy skin testing called Provocation/Neutralization. With this, one can show in less than 8 minutes, that a drop of allergy extract, a speck of a food, or a whiff of some chemical, could cause specific medical complaints, activity, behavior and learning problems.  Even more astounding was the fact that such responses could be eliminated or neutralized in less than 8 minutes with a single drop of a different dilution of the same allergy extract.  The patient's symptoms then could be relieved with drops of the correct dilutions of allergy extract by injection or by giving the allergy extract under the tongue.  This form of treatment enabled many patients to eat foods and breathe dust, molds, pollen and some chemicals with less or no symptoms.
To convince the many skeptics who would not look or listen, I videotaped almost every patient who saw me for over 20 years before, during and after their individual reactions to dust, molds, pollen, foods and chemicals.  The purpose was to demonstrate unequivocally to parents, children, doctors, psychologists, educator's, and others that these reactions were real and could be produced or eliminated, at will, during this newer method of allergy testing.  (After using these newer methods for 20 years, nothing could force me to practice pediatric allergy as I initially did. The newer ways are simply far superior.)
As a result of the above, I wrote a number of books and created video and audio teaching tapes that are available by CLICKING HERE. I was fortunate to be on the Donahue talk show three times.  We received 140,000 letters from the l988 show.  The parents were desperate and truly did not know what to do or where to go.  They were truly crying for help.  Some came to our center and many were helped so dramatically that the book entitled, Is This Your Child's World, was created from these patients.

How Did Dr Rapp Get Off the
Traditional Medical Path 
and Into Alternative Medicine?

Changing my practice, and technique's was not an easy step or one I purposely would have wanted to take. A little boy patient from Canada was most unusual. He had improved about 85% on our treatment but unlike most patients he had to return every two weeks to have his mold allergy extract treatment adjusted. Each time he improved, but only for two weeks. In time his mother saw a chiropractor that used TBM or Total Body Modification (801 571 2411- all calls should be made between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Mountain Time, Monday through Friday ONLY). She called and told me he was so much better, the boy no longer needed much of the treatment I had recommended. I did not believe, and asked her to call back in a month. She did and he and her entire family seemed improved. I reluctantly took the time to travel to the center in Canada and watch this doctor and talk to his patients.
They appeared to be doing well but the methods not possibly be any logic to what was being done. I left and told the doctor I would send him 25 patients who were only 85% better on my treatment. If he could make them 95% better, I would give up my practice and learn what he knew. I found he made those patients 95% better, in only five minutes, four times a day. His fees were a tenth of mine because he did not need 24 employees to help educate the families, and allergy skin test the children every ten minutes for six hours a day for three days. I then took courses on TBM and NET (Neuro Emotional Training) and gave up my practice. I moved to
Phoenix and completed my book Is This Your Child's World? (Or Yours) Then I created a business plan so we could treat patients using traditional and alternative methods and do the necessary research to find out why these methods appeared to be so helpful. Believe me, the human body is far smarter than the most gifted, caring and erudite physician. There are many answers that need to be revealed and there are easier and faster ways to treat and help. Join us in finding better ways.



 What's Special About My Method of Practicing?

I believe you can't cut corners in medicine.  If you don't examine a child's previous health records, do a thorough physical and discuss all aspects of the youngster's illness, you have not practiced medicine, as it should be done. 

At the present time big business and insurance reimbursement policies determine how we practice medicine. 

If the insurance will not cover the cost, doctors are forced to practice rush medicine and patients must be satisfied with drugs that mainly help to mask their symptoms.  Too little time and effort is expended to find the cause.  Time is money in medicine so it is difficult to spend 1-2 hours finding out why someone is ill, even if that is only way to find the needed answers.  I will spend the time that is needed and will not let the insurance companies dictate how long I can spend with a patient, what I can and cannot do, or what I can charge.  I believe that absolutely nothing is as rewarding as:
* Turning children's lives around so they are able to reach their full potential,
* Saving a marriage because a child's unacceptable or inappropriate behavior or because of undue family stresses which arise when illnesses are only treated with drugs. If the basic cause of behavior problems or recurrent illness are not recognized and eliminated, such problems can persist for years.
* Finding answers when smarter and better physicians have failed to do so. (This is an ego problem with which I still struggle.)
* Learning how to effectively assist the body so it can heal itself. Yes, this happens more than we doctors would like to admit.

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