This 90-minute video DVD is the accompanying video for the book, Is this Your Childs World. It vividly demonstrates exactly how some students and teachers react when they are exposed to dust, molds, pollen, foods, chemicals, school air, and school carpets. One segment shows how mice are adversely affected by breathing air blown over a school carpet.

When you read about a child whose parents are distraught because the child is “above and beyond”, you will see that child react to something that causes his/her unacceptable behavior. When you read about the child who is depressed, psychotic and wants to commit suicide, that child is on this video. This powerful and provocative book and DVD combo gives you the opportunity to see the exact child discussed in the book.

Now students, parents, teachers, school administrators, psychologists and physicians can be armed with the greater awareness and knowledge necessary to protect our present and future generations from today’s environmentally polluted world.
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