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Letter To
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Potential and Definite Chronic Heath Effects

Common unsuspected effects could include loss of memory. If the behavioral, or memory changes are severe, or prolonged, SPECT or other brain imaging might help make a definitive diagnosis. (Read articles by Gunnar Heuser, MD, PhD and Theodore Simon, MD.)                                                                                   
Women exposed to organic solvents have a 13 fold increased chance of having a child with birth defects and developmental delay. (JAMA 1999) Solvents make up a large part of Anvil or Kontol. How many of the “inerts” in this spray will pass into the placenta and breast milk? Studies have shown exposed cows have pyrethroids in their milk. Low- level chemical exposures are thought to affect one in six children in the USA. (E Magazine, article entitled “Widespread Chemical Exposure Threatens Our Most Vulnerable Population” by Jennifer Bogo.) Will mothers or their doctors recognize that the spraying going on in 2004 caused these types of problems a few years from now?

Pyrethrins are considered by the EPA to be “likely human carcinogens”. Farmers who use pyrethrins have a 3.7 fold increased risk of leukemia.  If the pesticide sprayers in Maricopa County develop cancer in a few years, who will suspect it was the spray?

What about the children? Under the age of 5 years, there has been a 53% increase in brain cancer, and an 18% increase in leukemia. Other reports state there is a 25% increase in the past 25 years of brain tumors in children. (The Politics of Cancer Revisited by Dr. Samuel Epstein.) Simply using garden pesticides can increase by six fold the chances of a child developing leukemia. Flea preparations can increase the chances of a brain cancer in children by 2 to 4 fold. (National Cancer Institute 1987) Can we really afford to wait and see what the pyrethroid spray does to the children in the Phoenix community? 

Some will have a decreased sperm count. Will infertile couples consider this when they cannot conceive during the next few months or years?  In NYC some of the pesticide applicators are complaining of impotence. Chemicals have definitely caused penises to be deformed and other sexual problems in animals and man. (Chapter 5 of my book, Our Toxic World-1 800 787 8780). It is known that pyrethroids alter the normal functioning of sex hormones.  One report tells of the estrogenic potential of pyrethroid compounds in human breast carcinoma cell lines. (Env. Health Perspectives, Vol. 107, #3, March 1999) One report states miscarriages and preterm babies can be caused by pyrethroid-like compounds. Liver tumors are more evident in exposed female rats and kidney disease such as degenerated tubules are also reported. (see Fact Sheet on pyrethrums for specific references) They also cause thyroid tumors in animals. Exposed mice have more lung cancer and parathyroid tumors. Will you wonder about the 2004 spray exposures when you see patients with these problems in the next few years?

You might want to do chemical blood/urine studies on all ADHD, developmentally delayed children, cancer, and sex related problem patients. (See Chapter 13 of  Is This Your Childs World? by Doris J. Rapp, M.D., for diagnostic tests to detect chemicals. 1 800 787 8780)

What about Your Pets and Wildlife?
Cats are particularly sensitive to pyrethrins because of detoxification weaknesses. If exposed they can salivate more, act depressed, have a change in behavior, anorexia and high temperatures. Dogs have developed atrophied testicles. 

Fish and bees are exceedingly sensitive. (The ants in my front lawn were dead the morning after the spray was used in my area.)

Are Officials Advising Correctly about Use of DEET?

To complicate the issue some Maricopa decision makers are pushing the use of DEET preparations by adults and children to prevent mosquito bites. Most doctors are aware the 30% DEET has led to deaths in children. Less well know is the fact it is absorbed more readily on sunburned or broken skin.  We must ask if lower concentrations really are that safe for children. In addition, Dr. Abou- Donia at Duke University has published a series of articles specifically demonstrating that synergistic effects of combined chemicals and his example is DEET and the pyrethroids compounds! (J of Toxicology and Environmental Health and Experimental Neurology 2001 and see other scientific references on pg 20 of Pesticides and You, winter 2003 and 4, Vol. 22 # 3.) Increased blood brain barrier permeability actually can lead to cell death of brain mitochondria in rats and the blood testis barrier is also affected.

Safer more effective topical preparations are available.  See my web site: drrapp.com 

I sincerely hope you will consider the above facts and help to increase the Maricopa County legislator’s awareness of the many dangers of the nightly spray they are presently using on 36,000 acres. We should be protecting our children and ourselves from these toxins. Safer, less expensive and more effective methods forms of mosquito control are certainly available. *

Doris J. Rapp is a retired M.D., board- certified in pediatrics, allergy and environmental medicine.

*In relation to some treatment options that appear to help, refer to www.drrapp.com under “Are You Sick from the West Nile Virus or Chemical Sprays?” or in Chapter 8 of book  Our Toxic World, A Wake Up Call, 800 787 8780) or see Special Reports on Chemicals and Pregnancy and   “Why and How to Protect Your Home and Town.” (Little did I know.)  9/1/04


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