Diesel Fumes Exposure During Pregnancy

Exposure to diesel exhaust in the uterus or a newborn may raise the risk of heart failure in adulthood, according to a new mouse study. It has already been known that this exposure can cause adult heart attacks in humans. This is the first study suggesting that fetal and exposure very early in life can make adults more susceptible to heart disease. Most people have no idea that they can figure out the cause of a heart attack or heart disease. The evidence is overwhelming.

I predict as time passes more and more toxic chemicals will be shown to adversely harm the heart. There are at least three books discussing this problem. One by Dr Sinatra . The second is by DR MATTHIAS RATH - WHY ANIMALS DON’T GET HEART ATTACKS BUT PEOPLE DO.! And several by Dr. Sherry A Rogers. She is an extraordinarily brilliant doctor and environmental medical specialist and writer. She is able to put lots of humor into her wonderful books. She has written books on many medical topics “no more heartburn” and ” The High Blood Pressure Hoax” that are full of insights. Her other books are also superb. Dr Bill Rea (MD) has written many articles on the heart and allergy. Google him. Another brilliant man.

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