Is Your Arthritis an Allergy?

There are many causes for arthritis, but one, at times, can be relatively easy to treat. I have practiced allergy for over 40 years and some patients have arthritis, especially from favorite foods, such as the grains, beef, pork, tomatoes, or potatoes.

Another common cause of course is molds or yeast. If you watch the video below, you can see a lady who developed terrible arthritis from the yeast in bread. Stop all yeast or bread. Another choice is to get allergy extract therapy for these foods or any other foods or contacts that are causing this problem.

Check into doctors who are environmental medical specialists. They know how to detect and treat food allergies. (Do not believe those who say food allergies cannot be treated with an allergy extract). They usually are able to help figure out the specific cause in a patient and might be able to help resolve this challenging health issue in a matter of days. Go to the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) for a trained doctor who knows how to figure out such problems and determine if an allergy is a possible cause. They also know how to treat such problems with an allergy extract. Order the DVDs on my website for more examples and possible insight. Read my book Is This Your Child’s World. The answer you are seeking might be right there.

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