Can You Sell Your Moldy Items?

If you sell moldy items you can certainly make others very very ill IF they have mold allergies. Most would not be bothered if the cleaned up item did not look or smell moldy. The very sensitive, however, could surely have symptoms immediately or in time. Those who have terrible mold allergies and move to a clean home are told never to take anything from the previous moldy home because there might be enough mold on it to bother the person who is moving.

If pictures etc are wiped down or sprayed with a mold cleaner, however, I do not think they would be a major concern. Furniture ,such a moldy couches or mattresses, could surely be a major problem. If unsure- put ? item in a closed room and in a few days go in, stay a few hours or all night and check. If no symptoms, it is probably ok. For more information go to NORMI’s website. CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE DOING THE ABOVE, HOWEVER, BECAUSE EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT AND YOU WANT TO BE SURE THAT YOU DO NOT BECOME WORSE IN ANY WAY.

What is your air quality like in your home? When was the last time you took to the time to assess your home’s air? Take just a few minutes and go through this Indoor Air Quality survey. It may just save your life.

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