Is Asthma A Problem? Want To Get Rid Of It?

20 million people suffer from asthma. Many suffer needlessly and endlessly. Keep doing what you are doing, eating the same things and smelling the same air and you will probably continue to need and use medications to control your asthma. SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE.

Drugs can mask or temporarily eliminate the symptoms but to get well, you simply must find and eliminate the causes or get each cause treated. Most food allergies absolutely can be treated with an allergy extract so you can eat the problem foods and not get sick. Visit the American Academy of Environmental Medicine’s site, or call 316 684 5500 to find a doctor near you who has had specialized training and knows how to do handle it. If you wheeze from moldy air and live in a very moldy house, it is unlikely that you will stop wheezing- even with treatment. You might have to move away from the mold. If you eat eggs and end up in the emergency room, you simply cannot eat eggs. That, too, cannot be treated. But If you have mild to moderate allergies from dust, mold, pollen, foods, or chemicals, it is certainly possible that you might be helped in ways you never dreamed possible from P/N allergy testing and treatment. Check into it.

The answer is to find the cause and get rid of it, or get treatment for the cause. Sometimes just getting an air purifier might be all you need. Call 602 574 7635 10AM - 2PM weekdays for details and a discount.

Check the website’s online store so you can find and purchase books that often tell you how to find out exactly why you wheeze, especially Is This Your Child’s World , and Allergy Answers Self Help Booklet. As an allergist, Dr Rapp cannot recall admitting one asthmatic to the hospital again after she learned about and treated patients with Provocation/ Neutralization allergy testing and treatment.

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