Can Extremely Low Doses of Certain Chemicals Cause Physical and Sexual Birth Defects?

They sure can. If you have a gleam in your eye to conceive, think twice if you have been exposed to chemicals.

A man’s sperm can be damaged for about 65 days after using a herbicide on the lawn. A woman can damage a fetus if she is exposed to chemicals the first 90 days of pregnancy. There is lots of proof that many forms of wildlife are affected adversely from chemicals so they have similar birth defects and sexual abnormalities.

The Bottom Line: Stay as far from all chemicals as you can if you want to conceive a healthy normal child. If you make a mistake it can mean a lifetime of challenges and unhappiness for both the child and your family.

For references and more information read Dr Rapp’s, Our Toxic World, A Wake Up Call This book tells how bad it can be. Read 32 Tips to Keep you Safe to learn inexpensive better choices.

For example, get rid of the microwave and get an electric toaster and it goes on to explain why this is advisable. The book is full of practical inexpensive tips to help you find out how to protect yourself and familly from unususpected dangers found in every area of your home. Save your family lots of heartache by better choices.

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