Tell The EPA to Cancel Its Approval of the Pesticide That’s Wiping Out Honey Bees

Today is the deadline to tell congress that the EPA must protect the bees and us by not allowing the chemical that can kill all of us to be in would environment. We have about 30% less bees. You might say, ‘so what?’

Well, bees pollinate and are essential for our food supply. It is much more than honey because they pollinate many crops. Pollination by honey bees is key in cultivating the crops that produce a full one-third of our food. Why is this happening. Chemicals again are found in the beehives and are killing them off in what has been called colony collapse.

This chemical is clothianidin and it can also possibly kill us off, along with the bees. Please help NOW. Join is telling the politicians that life is worth much more than money. Their job is to protect us and the bees and not their pocketbook. Urge them to think about their children and grandchildren. If they allow more of this chemical many more than the bees can be hurt.

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