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Most people recognize itchy eyes, runny noses and hives as allergies. These are typically accepted forms of allergy. However, there is another form that is not easily, recognized, suspected or even agreed upon. It can affect any part of your body from inability to concentrate, fatigue, inability to fall asleep, joint pains, bedwetting, ear-infections (check that milk intake!), asthma (check that milk, dust mites and the family cat!) etc. to ADHD. Any food can cause allergies, even healthy ones like apples and pears. Some of the biggest culprits are cow's milk, wheat, and artificial colorings. Some common environmental allergens are dust mites, molds, cigarette smoke.

"In my experience, eating disorders and alcoholism can be related to allergies. Frequently, eating disorders are food addictions. When you have food sensitivity, there is a certain phase of it that makes you really crave that food. And if you happen to be addicted to wheat or baked goods, you can never get enough of them, with the result being that you become obese. For example, men who are addicted to corn may drink a lot of beer and they can become alcoholics. They're sensitive to and addicted to the beer, but it's the corn or sometimes some other component in the beer that is causing the problem. Sometimes, if grains are a problem, they can feel "drunk" after eating cereal or baked goods."

- Doris J. Rapp, MD. F.A.A.A., F.A.A.P.




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