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How To Protect You And Your Loved Ones!

By Doris J Rapp, M.D.

1. Chemicals Can Hurt You and Those You Love
Who Is Sick from Pesticides and How Can We Tell?
You Know What Is Wrong, Now What Do You Do?
Many Health Problems are Epidemic, Are They Related to Chemicals?
Yes, Chemicals Do Alter Behavior and Activity.
Sex and Pesticides: Yes, They Are Related. Specific Health Aspects of Chemicals, Especially Feminizing Pesticides
More Disturbing Pesticide Information.
How Helpful are Pesticides and Are We Protected?
Lessons to Learn from the Malathion Poisoning of NYC.
It Could Happen To Your Family.
DEDICATION: Sincerest thanks and gratitude for the immense spiritual comfort and help I received to smooth out the challenges that, at times, seemed to block the creation of this book. This book is not really mine, but ours.

From front cover of book-

The wise Indian chief Seattle said, "What happens to the animals will also happen to human beings….All things connect."
Think of this as you read what has already happened to the animals and is presently happening to humans.
Reread Rachel Carson’s 1962 book, "Silent Spring", Rachael Carlson, Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston MA and cry. It was supposed to be a wake-up call, but unless we immediately alter our course, we shall have not only a silent spring, but a silent summer, fall and winter. Want updated information? Read book "Our Stolen Furure" by Theo Colborn et. al. and ask: Can you afford to wait any longer?

Excerpt from back cover of book-

Do you ever wonder why so many people have cancer. Should you be concerned? Why is cancer rampant in your relatives and friends? This book tells why-- and realistically, what you can do about it. You may be able to prevent this illness, at least in your loved ones, by simply realizing that the EPA considers 60% of herbicides, 90% of fungicides and 30% of insecticides to be potential causes of cancer. We have no information on more than 78% of the major chemicals used in the U.S.A.. and 42 of 100 chemicals released into our environment, are also suspected and recognized as affecting the development of unborn babies. The Federal Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 82% of Americans presently have the insecticide, Dursban, in their bodies. Exposure to feminizing estrogenic pesticides is rampant. We know that many pesticides damage:
The nervous system and brain-causing changes in how children and adults act, behave, learn, write and speak
The immune system causing infection, allergies, and cancer
The endocrine system causing diabetes, thyroid and adrenal disease
The reproductive system causing major sexual deformities and stirility.
Most humans and animals have many harmful chemicals in their blood and bodies and there are ways to eliminate these. Learn what you can do now to get rid of these chemicals and to protect yourself and your loved ones.

What about depression ?
One child commits suicide every two hours. In one study in l995, it was found that 25% of students in the 7th to 12th grade seriously considered attempting suicide, 18% had devised some plan and 9% had made an attempt! If dust, molds, ollen, foods and chemicals cause depression and children can be treated for these sensitivities, why are we mainly using drugs for treatment? Find and eliminate the cause and drugs may not be required.
It is estimated that one in six children now suffer from one or more developmental, learning or behavioral disabilities, including mental retardation, ADHD and autism.
Chemicals that can permanently damage us are everywhere. We need more help from our government to prevent exposures. In the meantime, we must learn the many things we can inexpensively and easily do on our own to protect our loved ones and ourselves.

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