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Is Your Mattress Safe?

How To Quickly Identify and Resolve
Mattress-Related Illness

by Doris Rapp, M.D.

By law, as of July, 2007, all mattresses must contain flame retardants in the form of boric acid, antimony and/or formaldehyde. These can cause a wide range of medical complaints including coughing, asthma, rashes, eye and nose irritation, sleeplessness, headaches, fatigue, muscle  and joint aches, activity, behavior and memory problems. Some can also cause cancer in animals and humans.

By law, the mattress company does not have to label the mattress or tell you which chemicals are in your mattress. There are tentative plans to place similar flame retardants in all stuffed furniture, pillows, comforters, sleepwear, etc. by 2008. This is the time to contact your political representatives and insist the present law be rescinded and the new law not be implemented. The health of your loved ones and yourself are at stake.

It is possible to purchase a mattress without chemicals. There are simple steps you can take to prove your mattress is making you ill.  And obtaining a doctor’s note to purchase a chemically free mattress can be a simple process.  Learn about  these and other simple and effective steps you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones in our new booklet  “Is Your Mattress Safe?”

This informative downloadable booklet contains clearly explained details on:

  • Common symptoms associated with toxic mattresses

  • Which toxic substances are in some mattresses and their harmful effects on humans and animals.

  • The things you need to do to properly document your mattress-related illness.

  • Where to obtain tests to prove that you have been poisoned.

  • Where to send a piece of your mattress to document the toxicity.

  • How to prove that it is the chemicals in the mattress and not the mattress that is causing illness.

  • The best way to request a refund on a toxic mattress.

  • What the federal protection agencies have stated in relation to the chemicals presently found in mattresses.

  • The potential toxicity problems in relation to the expanded use of flame retardants in 2008.

Coming Soon!

Downloadable for only $9.95 !!!

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