Gardasil is a vaccine that reportedly helps protect against the 4 most common types of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and is recommended for females between 9 and 26 years of age. The manufacturer is also seeking FDA approval for use in women aged 27 to 45 as well. With all of the media hype about how [...]

In spite of being found in thousands of products because some greedy souls had vested interests and were in powerful positions in our government, the public is finally becoming aware. The evidence that fluorides are bad is overwhelming. Check out pg 291 of my book, “Our Toxic World: A Wake Up Call“. New studies show [...]

Most people use a vinyl shower curtain in their bathroom. You can pick one up at any drug store, department store or megamart for a few dollars. You take it home, remove the packaging and inhale that “new curtain smell.” Stop right there. What is that smell? Researchers report that the smell given off by [...]

There are five characteristic types of clues that suggest someone is having a reaction to an allergen.  Begin keeping records of the sudden changes listed below.  You can easily figure out answers everyone else as missed by noticing what was eaten, touched or smelled before the changes.  Write down everything that is contacted, and if [...]

Did you know that 85% of U.S. dry cleaners still use the toxic solvent perchloroethylene in their cleaning processes?  This hazardous dry cleaning chemical is known to cause headaches, fatigue, nausea and dizziness and is linked to reproductive problems and central nervous system disorders.  Long term exposure is linked to kidney and liver damage. It is labeled as a probable human carcinogen [...]

For many people, some clues to allergies are obvious and easily recognizable. Be suspicious if you or your child: Have excessive congestion with thick mucus in nose, throat or chest. Have symptoms that typically occur about 15 to 60 minutes after eating. If the allergy is extremely severe, changes can be noted in seconds. Some [...]

My New Book is Here! “32 Tips That Could Save Your Life” We now have epidemics of diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, depression and ADHD. Everyone needs to know what in their homes might be a possible cause. This informative book sells for $14.95 plus $2.50 shipping and handling. Click here to order For a [...]

The Christmas holidays commonly cause a flare of allergies for the following reasons: 1. Food is abundant. There is a tendency to drink more milk and eat more chocolate, sugar, corn (in the form of corn syrup or dextrose), and wheat products. If you have no symptoms, or if your symptoms are relieved with your [...]

This month’s special – An Allergy Diet That Works! After 45 years of allergy practice, one thing has been outstanding in helping many quickly, easily and inexpensively. It is my special allergy diet. The first week, you stop the major allergic foods. The second week, you add them back, one at a time, to find [...]

There are good reasons why Dr Rapp was on Oprah, Larry King and Donahue and even better reasons why she received 140,000 letters from one talk show.  She has a NY Times bestselling book that has helped a vast number of desperate parents. For example, if a food is causing your child to act  inappropriately, try [...]

The Ugly Truth About Gardasil The Damage of Fluoride Vinyl Shower Curtains Poison Your Air Part 2: Clues That Can Easily Help You Spot An Allergy Dry Cleaning Safety and Alternatives Part 1: Typically Recognized Clues of Allergies 32 Tips That Could Save Your Life Christmas Suggestions To Keep You Well December Specials! Attention: Moms of Hyperactive Children Who Can’t Learn or Behave.

Books / DVD’s

My New Book is Here! “32 Tips That Could Save Your Life”

We now have epidemics of diseases, such as cancer, disbetes, depression and ADHD. Everyone needs to know what in their homes might be a possible cause.

This informative book sells for $14.95 plus $2.50 shipping and handling.

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This 510-page book is about chemicals and how they are hurting our children, all wildlife, our planet and us. Find out how to protect yourself and your loved ones, we have polluted our air, water, soil, food, homes, schools and workplace.WE MUST STOP IT!

Chemicals damage:

  • Our immune systems causing infections, allergies and cancer;
  • Our endocrine system causing thyroid, and adrenal disease, and diabetes;
  • Our nervous system causing learning and behavior problems;
  • Our reproductive system causing major sexual difficulties, and changes.

We now have epidemics of ADHD, cancer, fatigue, headaches, obesity, early puberty, sterility, brain defects, muscle and visual problems to name only a few. We must stop and figure out why. Eliminate the cause and there’s nothing to treat. Chemicals are major causes of today’s health challenges. Find out why you must make your own nest safe, now!

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Is This Your Child?

This easy to understand 635-page book illustrates the way to tell which children or adults have environmental illness by the way a child or adult look, feel, act, and behave. The writing, the pulse, or the ability to breathe also provides important clues. It tells how to pinpoint specifically the reason why certain children or adults are unable to learn in certain rooms, outside the school, or at certain times after specific exposures at school, home or work. It clearly explains ways to verify your suspicions using fast, easy and relatively inexpensive and more expensive methods. If no one is listening, it tells you what to do and where to go for help! This book applies equally well to adults and to homes and workplaces, as well as schools.

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This 627-page “how-to” book describes how typical allergies and environmental illness overlap, and details the typical and less-readily recognized clues in various infants, toddlers, children, adolescents, or adults. It is one of the rare books on allergies that explain how to recognize, test and treat infants. Dr. Rapp discusses how it is sometimes possible to detect and help prevent future allergies by recognizing and eliminating the causes, at no cost, with a diet in 3 to 7 days. Dr. Rapp discusses hyperactivity, Ritalin, Tourette’s, learning problems, aggression, depression, fatigue, headaches, intestinal complaints, yeast problems, muscle aches, and recurrent infections.

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This 160-page book is designed for caring but perplexed educators and parents who want to help children who have been erroneously labeled as dumb, lazy, nasty, rude, overactive, irritable, slow or impossible. This book will enable you to recognize which children have allergies, or food or chemical sensitivities interfering with their ability to learn and behave normally. Practical sensible ways to help children with these problems are discussed. With this information you may be able to alter the course of some child’s life in a more positive direction - today! This is also available in Spanish.

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This 16-page booklet provides concise practical information to help some allergic individuals recognize why they are frequently or always ill.  It lists common environmental causes of such diverse problems as bed-wetting, earaches, arthritis, etc.

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Environmentally Sick Schools

This 90-minute  DVD is the accompanying video for the book,Is This Your Childs World? It vividly demonstrates exactly how some students and teachers react when they are exposed to dust, molds, pollen, foods, chemicals, school air, and school carpets. One segment shows how mice are adversely affected by breathing air blown over a school carpet.

When you read about a child whose parents are distraught because the child is “above and beyond”, you will see that child react to something that causes his/her unacceptable behavior. When you read about the child who is depressed, psychotic and wants to commit suicide, that childis on this video. This powerful and provocative book and DVD combo gives you the opportunity to see the exact child discussed in the book.

Now students, parents, teachers, school administrators, psychologists and physicians can be armed with the greater awareness and knowledge necessary to protect our present and future generations from today’s environmentally polluted world.

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Escuelas Enfermas Del Ambiente

Este video que acompaña el libro Es Este El Mundo de Su Niño?, demuestra con mucho detalle exactamente cómo algunos estudiantes y maestros reaccionan cuando ellos son expuestos al polvo, los moldes, el polen, las comidas, las substancias químicas, el aire de las escuelas, y las alfombras de las escuelas. Primera parte. (40 min) (Esta pagina es solo para clientes que viven en los Estados Unidos. Para Pedidas Internacionales usen el Vinculo Para Pedidas Internacionales que esta al principio de esta pagina.)


Molds - And Their Effects

This DVDclearly demonstrates the powerful effects of mold on both children and adults. Learn what molds are and where they are found. See how mold allergy symptoms can mimic serious physical and behavioral problems. Watch these symptoms as they happen, and observe some simple and effective methods to restore normal behavior. (22 min)

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Allergies Do Alter Activities and Behavior

This DVD has three parts and is primarily for educators and parents. It illustrates the pressing need for environmentally clean classrooms and explains some simple, easy, and cost-effective ways to achieve them. It clarifies the relationship of unsuspected allergies to some children’s sudden health, behavior, activity or learning problems. (43 min)

  • Part I (11 min) vividly shows how some allergic children feel, look, act, behave, write or draw.
  • Part II (15 min) tells what causes allergy and what you can do about it. It pinpoints offending environmental factors or triggering substances. It clearly shows how molds, dust, pollen, pets, foods, and chemicals can be factors related to our well-being, behavior, or ability to learn.
  • Part III (17 min) correlates some children’s behavior with their response to allergy tests. It shows an allergic infant and other children who have fatigue, hyperactivity, Tourette’s Syndrome, or learning problems.

Only: $25.00

Special Reports

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Our Toxic World -
A Wake Up Call

Why and How to Protect Your Home Town from Pesticide Spraying and Other Chemical Pollution. Excerpted and updated from Chapter 8 of Dr. Rapp’s book.

  • What Do You Need to Know to Protect Your Home Town?
  • What Are the Known Acute and Chronic Symptoms from Malathion Exposures?
  • What about the Other Sprayed Pesticide Chemicals or Ingredients?
  • Who Is Most Vulnerable to Chemically Polluted Air?
  • What Does Malathion Do to Humans and Animals?
  • Before Pesticide Spraying, What Should the Public Know?
  • How High Is Your Risk of Becoming Ill with West Nile Encephalitis?
  • What Can You Do to Prevent or Treat West Nile Encephalitis?
  • What Are Specific Safer, More Effective Mosquito Control Measures to Use Outside?

And Much More!!!

Only: $7.00


This Special Report is the distillation of Dr. Rapp’s many years of working with children and adults who have these diagnoses. With many References, this Special Report can also take the inquiring parent both to material about ADD and ADHD and other sources of help and support.

This Special Report covers:

Incidence in Children and Adults
Animals and Wildlife Studies
Human Research and Observations
Treatment with Drugs, with Pros and Cons of Ritalin®
Clinical Observations
Ways to Help ADD and ADHD
Effectiveness of Combined Measures

Only: $7.00

Is Your Mattress Safe?

By law, as of July, 2007, all mattresses must contain flame retardants in the form of boric acid, antimony and/or formaldehyde. These can cause a wide range of medical complaints including coughing, asthma, rashes, eye and nose irritation, sleeplessness, headaches, fatigue, muscle and joint aches, activity, behavior and memory problems. Some can also cause cancer in animals and humans.

By law, the mattress company does not have to label the mattress or tell you which chemicals are in your mattress. There are tentative plans to place similar flame retardants in all stuffed furniture, pillows, comforters, sleepwear, etc. by 2008. This is the time to contact your political representatives and insist the present law be rescinded and the new law not be implemented. The health of your loved ones and yourself are at stake.

It is possible to purchase a mattress without chemicals. There are simple steps you can take to prove your mattress is making you ill.  And obtaining a doctor’s note to purchase a chemically free mattress can be a simple process.  Learn about these and other simple and effective steps you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones in our new report “Is Your Mattress Safe?”

This 28 page booklet contains clearly explained details on:

  • Common symptoms associated with toxic mattresses
  • • Which toxic substances are in some mattresses and their harmful effects on humans and animals?
  • • The things you need to do to properly document your mattress-related illness.
  • • Where to obtain tests to prove that you have been poisoned.
  • • Where to send a piece of your mattress to document the toxicity.
  • • How to prove that it is the chemicals in the mattress and not the mattress that is causing illness.
  • • The best way to request a refund on a toxic mattress.
  • • What the federal protection agencies have stated in relation to the chemicals presently found in mattresses.
  • • The potential toxicity problems in relation to the expanded use of flame retardants in 2008.

Only: $15.00