High Praise for Dr.Rapp...

Dr. Rapp in the Spotlight...

Thousands of testimonial letters have been received for her personal help in her Buffalo clinic, as well as from those who have read her books, seen her videos or heard her discussions in person or on radio and television. Innumerable patients have repeatedly volunteered to appear on television so they could share their very personal medical histories in an effort to help others. They have agreed that dramatic videos vividly demonstrating their illnesses and remarkable recoveries can be viewed on television.

Dr Rapp was on Donahue three times from 1988 to 1992. On one of these shows (1989) she had 140,000 written responses. She showed how infants to adolescents could be affected by foods, chemicals and molds. Many lives had been changed. Mothers told how seriously ill their children were until the proper diagnosis was made. On one show he had more responses than he had ever had on any of his previous shows. It was obvious that Dr Rapp had hit a common chord and many parents sent tear stained letters of thanks because they had finally some clue as to why their child was such a challenge. Their responses to her treatment were published in the her book entitled "Is This Your Child."

Doris Rapp M.D. on The Oprah Winfrey Show October 1996 - At one point she told the audience "everyone ought to get Dr Rapp's video entitled Environmentally Sick Schools".No talk show host ever tried harder to help everyone in the audience like she did.

Dr. Rapp on The Maurry Povich Show in July 1997 - On his show the teacher on the video was exposed to someone who smelled of hairspray and in seconds she reacted just as she did on the video when she was allergy tested with an extract of the school carpet.

Doris Rapp M.D. on The Larry King Live in October 1991- On this show again it was demonstrated that a drop of allergy extract or dust, mold, pollen, foods and chemicals could suddenly precipitate hyperactivity , violence or unusual behavior. A different dilution of the same extract could eliminate this change in less than 8 minutes. Why are drugs being used if the cause can easily be found and eliminated?

Here are just a few comments...

"Dr. Doris Rapp is one of the great pioneers in Environmental Medicine in the country and in the world. During the past couple of decades she has trained physicians by writing several medical books, videotaping her clinical findings and being a guest speaker in multiple continuing medical education conferences across the US and abroad. Dr. Rapp has been able to resolve many perplexing medical problems in children and adolescents. Shr provided hope when the traditional medical establishment had given up. As a clinician and surgeon in private practice, it is an honor for me to serve as reference for Dr. Doris Rapp." Zidi Berger, M.D., F.A.C.O.G., Rockville, MD

"I had seen you on Phil Donahue in the spring of 1988 and had never been more shocked and amazed! I remembered you and your successes in the fall of 1988 and decided to take our son to the one person I knew could help me figure out the problem. I still pass around my copy of Is This Your Child? to many friends who have children with sensitivity problems. I thank God for you and your findings every day. Keep up the good work." - Ken and Linda Mangold, West Chester, PA

"My son is far better than he was last year, even now when he is not receiving any allergy extract treatments. Thank you for all your books and information. You have given me several pieces to this incredible puzzle I am dealing with." - Lynn Pendery, Blanchester, OH

" Dr. Rapp is truly the most dedicated doctor I have ever encountered. There is no doubt he would have encountered endless surgeries and a colostomy. Dr- Rapp is an angel. We need her so desperately. Please allow her to help people and teach others as well." - Lore S. Gray, E. Greenwich, RI

"I really don't know what we would have done without you. I have thanked the good Lord for you often and continue to share your book with anyone who will listen," -Cathy Hay, Lakeville, OH

"After hearing her speak and hearing the testimonials from other mothers, I knew this was the doctor our son needed. Dr. Rapp gave us the 'light bulb' into our son's illness. With her treatments and chemical avoidance information, she has allowed our son to enjoy a near normal childhood. I would recommend Dr. Rapp with highest regard to anyone experiencing an allergy illness. Dr. Rapp is truly a wonderful, loving, and gifted physician.'' - Joanne R. Scavone, Getzville

Most doctors write a prescription for whatever ails you and if taking a pill works, why bother learning how to prevent the problem? Thank you for being different. Thank you for caring, for taking the time to learn new and better treatments, and for sharing your knowledge." - Sharon Bovalina, Bridgeville, PA

"Devoted people like yourself are what brings hope and empowerment to others and that is the way to change the world. Thank you for being the person you are. I have already learned a lot from you." - Christina Urso, Tucson, AZ

"That day was the beginning of many changes in all of our lives. You and your staff taught us so much about environmental illness and various methods to improve our home for our children." - Bob and Patty Haberberger, St. Marys, PA

"I am so thankful to God that He put me in touch with such a wonderful doctor. I wish everyone could meet her and experience her goodness and effective remedies. God bless Dr. Rapp." - Christina Moore, Farmingdale, NY

"Where would I and thousands of other people have ended up if not for the perseverance and unwavering dedication of doctors such as Dr. Rapp, Dr. Rea (in Dallas), and my doctor, Dr. Robbins?" - Roberta Morley, Altamonte Springs, FL

"The other day, I found out that in my son's class, the teacher was discussing heroes. Each child was to give serious thought to people in today's society who represent a hero to them and explain why. My son picked Dr. Rapp! He said that Dr. Rapp is his hero because she helped him to be healthy and to feel better and to be able to eat all foods, I can't thank her enough for all she has done for children. I especially wanted to relate this experience because I really believe when someone works so hard for children all her life as Dr. Rapp has done, it is important for her to know that the kids love her for it." - Debbie Nagrodsky, Melbourne, FL

>" It is very comforting to encounter someone with a philosophy encouraging eliminating the cause rather than medicating the symptom. Your information is extremely valuable to me and my family." - Judith James, Carlisle, MA

"You have returned my son to me after years of speech therapy, psychotherapy, behavior modification, special education and step programs - all to no avail. Until I was-fortunate enough to read your book, I had no idea what my son was suffering from. At one point in the emergency room he had three doctors physically restraining him. I really thank you most for the listening with your heart." - Carol Madonna, North Syracuse, NY

"You have been a great leader for me and if I can fulfill one tenth of what you have done through your life, I shall be only grateful to have met a person like you, whom I try to emulate day to day." - Kyoko Sudo (Yuko Tokuyama), Uji City, Kyoto Fu, Japan

"The course attendees (at the American Academy of Environmental Medicine) continue to rate you as the best speaker among all of four continuing medical education courses." Dr. David Buscher

Dr. Rapp in the Spotlight...

Fortunately, Dr. Rapp has been blessed with a confident manner of speaking and writing that is lucid, credible, precise, succinct, practical and down to earth. With these gifts, she is able to publicly share and help in a manner she certainly never considered prior to her extensive exposure on television. Physicians from the U.S.A. and other countries (Australia, Canada, England, Germany, Israel, Korea, and Japan) have also learned and adopted her methods of practice because of her demonstrated success. Many physicians have provided written or verbal testimonials about her many contributions, clinical acumen and ability to teach in an exciting and critically scientific manner.

Doris Rapp M.D. on The Montel Williams Show in
November 1991. On this show a darling little boy accdentally was exposed to his mother after her hair was sprayed for the show and in seconds he became totally uncontrollable.He screamed and hit his fists on a sink so hard I thought he would hurt his hands. He was treated with an alkali (Alka Aid) and in a few minutes he was able to sit quietly holding his stuffed toy. This unanticiated reaction was shown on his TV show.

Doris Rapp M.D. , with Sally Jesse Raphial in October 1991, showed that it was obvious that certain children changed dramatically in behavior when they were allergy tested for common substances such as molds and foods.

In June 1993, On Nightline, Ted Koppel could not understand why a simple one week diet was not done before the hyperactive children were put on strong psychotropic drugs. Another guest pointed out that rats do not become hyperactive from chemicals but my point was that children are not rats. They unquestionbly can and do.

The Debra Duncan Show (October 2000) from Houston has repeatedly had Dr. Rapp as a guest several times in the past year or two. Her show deomonstrated how many symptoms are caused by common allergenc substances ,as well as other common substances found in most homes. She showed that molds, in particular, can cause serious medical complaints such as memory loss and asthma, Her shows always provide sensible practical answers.

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