Resources and Recommended Reading List



Resources through Practical Allergy Research Foundation (PARF)

For quality items at low or ridiculously low prices, call:




"Allergies and Your Family" - $10

"The Impossible Child in School - at Home" by Doris Rapp, M.D. (1986) - $7

"Is This Your Child?" by Doris Rapp, M.D. (1991) - $15

"Is This Your Child's World?" by Doris Rapp, M.D. (1997, hardcover) - Reg. $24.95, sale price $12 (or 10 copies for $100!! (includes shipping charges)


BOOKLET: "Make the Connection" - Reg. $3.25, sale price $2.50



"Why a Clean Classroom?" (60 min.) - $30

"Allergies Do Alter Activities and Behavior" - $25

"Impossible Child or Allergic Child?" (20 min.) - $15

"Five Allergic Children" (15 min.) - $15

"Violent Tendencies in Children Due to Environmental Illness" (10 min.) - $15

"Environmental Allergy Control" (90 min.) - $15

"Environmentally Sick Schools" (90 minutes) - Reg. $29.95, sale price $15



"Allergy Diets" (70 min.) - $10

"Environmental Aspects of Allergy" (66 min.) - $10

"Infant Food Allergies" (50 min.) - $10


NOTE: For ordering information and descriptions for the above products, as well as Peak Flow Meters and air purifiers, please see the "Products and Ordering Information" page.



Reference Articles About Diet and Allergy Extract Treatment:

Rapp, D.J. 1978. "Does Diet Affect Hyperactivity?" - Journal of Learning Disabilities, 11:56-61.

Rapp, D.J. 1979. "Food Allergy Treatment for Hyperkinesis" - Journal of Learning Disabilities,

O'Shea, J.A. and Porter, S.F. 1981. Double-blind study of children with hyperkinetic syndrome treated with multi-allergen extract sublingually - Journal of Learning Disabilities, 14(4):189.



Diet and ADD References:

"Food and Behavior" by Barbara Reed Stitt (1997). Natural Press, P.O. Box 730, Manitowoc, WI 54221-8730.

"The ADD and ADHD Diet" by Rachael Bell and Dr. Howard Peiper. Safe Goods, P.O. Box 36, E. Canaan, CT 06024. 1-860-824-5301.



Home Resource Books:

"Staying Well in a Toxic World" by Lynn Lawson. Lynnwood Press, P.O. Box 1732, Evanstown, IL 60201.

"Home Safe Home" by Debra Dadd. Forest Knolls, CA 94933-0279.





For checking safety of newly purchased items, paints, perfumes, etc., call:

Anderson Laboratory, 802-295-7344


For blood examinations to check for chemical poisoning call:

AccuChem: 972-234-5412
Antibody Assay Laboratory: 800-522-2611


For safe pest control call:

Get Set: 800-221-6188


For nutrition and vitamin advice call:

Sally Rockwell: 206-547-1814
Susan Brown, Ph.D.: 315-471-0264
Linda Volpenhein or Dr. Billie Sahley at Pain and Stress Clinic: 210-614-7246


For detoxing a chemically-polluted body:

Dr. William Rea in Dallas, Texas: 800-428-2343
Megan Shields in Sacramento, California: 916-924-8060
Dr. Kalpana Patel in Buffalo, New York: 716-833-2213
Dr. Adrienne Buffaloe: 212-355-2315


For referrals to Environmental Specialists:

American Academy of Environmental Medicine: 215-862-4544




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