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DANGEROUS EXPOSURES - Indoor and Outdoor

Remedies To Protect Against Common
Home Toxins Or Pollutants


The following explains how you can protect yourself and your loved ones from the many toxic chemicals to which you are exposed every single day. The average American has 91 chemicals in his/her blood and some have as many as 500. These chemicals damage the brains, body, behavior, and sex life of birds, wildlife and humans. There is much proof that common everyday chemicals damage the immune system often causing recurrent infections, allergies and even cancer. (One in every 2-3 people presently will develop this horrible illness in their lifetime.) Chemicals damage the brains and nervous system of children and adults so they cannot think or behave normally. (Think of ADD and hyperactivity, autism, learning problems and delayed development in children). They damage the endocrine system contributing to the present thyroid disease and diabetes epidemic in animals, such as dogs, and man. They damage the reproductive system causing infertility, lower sperm counts and smaller penises in many forms of wildlife and men.




WATER:   Get a water purifier to remove many of the chemicals. Get a showerhead that purifies the water in the bathroom. . Chlorine can combine with decaying leaves etc and cause cancer. The toxic lawn spray from next door can contaminate the ground water and these cancer-causing chemicals can come out your faucet in a dilute but deadly form


AIR: Get a quality air purifier that removes, not only, dust, molds and pollen, but also some chemicals. Avoid going outside when the lawn chemical trucks are in your neighborhood or if they are asphalting the streets nearby.


FOODS: Buy as much organic as you can, grow own organically, join a coop that sells only organic, or find a farmer who uses no chemicals.


PESTICIDE SPRAYS INSIDE OR OUTSIDE HOME: Call Get Set at 800 221 6188 and get free book off Internet called The Bug Stops Here. Safer and less expensive solutions to pesticide problems definitely exist that can eliminate insects without harming you.


SYNTHETIC CARPETS: Never buy a smelly one! Use wooden floors or hard vinyl tile and non-harmful glue.


PLASTIC FOR FOODS OR BABY BOTTLES: Buy and Use only glass. The plastic that goes into the contents of bottles can cause sexual effects on males and females. The dioxin in plastic can cause cancer. Soft plastic is the worst and do not freeze or heat in plastic because more chemicals go into the contents of the containers.


SYNTHETIC FOAM FITTING MATTRESSES AND PILLOWS: Get an all cotton futon. Make your own from 100% organic sheets and a comforter cover. Best is an organic cotton mattress but these are very expensive.


DISINFECTANTS AND DEODORIZERS: get natural items from Health Food Stores- Use nothing with phenol or a pine smell and buy no scented items unless they are totally natural. Avoid incense and scented candles.


CLEANING MATERIALS, DISH SOAPS, LAUNDRY CLEANERS, SCENTED FABRIC SOFTENERS: Buy all natural at Health Food Stores. Use no anti-cling dryer sheets.


COSMETICS AND BODY LOTIONS, SPRAYS ETC.: Get only natural personal products at Health Stores. They can contain many known cancer- causing agents and our government considers the contents a "trade secret" so the MSD (material safety data sheets) does not specify these so called "inert" ingredients.


TOOTHPASTE: Get non-fluoridated from Health Food Stores. One-eighth teaspoon or less of this is unsafe for a seven year old according to what's written on the outside of some toothpaste tubes.


SCOURING POWDER: Use only Bon Ami Polishing Powder without chlorine.


NEWSPAPER INK, COPY PAPER: Heat smelly newspapers in the oven until the ink smell is gone and not on your fingers. Watch out for the colored parts of paper, in particular. The ink in some books similarly causes many symptoms in some people. The odor of copy and mimeograph paper similarly can cause many to develop headaches or illness.


CLOTHING or NEW SYNTHETIC FURNITURE: Buy no polyester because it contains formaldehyde. Avoid wrinkle-free or stain resistant fabrics. Buy, if possible 100 % organic cotton (only the type that needs ironing), silk, untreated wool or rami.


FRESHLY DRY CLEANED CLOTHING: Air it out, outside, until the smell of the cancer-causing chemical is gone.


MOTHBALLS: Get safe herbal moth repellants at Health Food Stores


MARKING PENS AND CORRECTION FLUID: This chemical smell can damage by going directly through the nose and into the brain affecting writing and thinking.


SHOWER CURTAINS: Get a non-smelly one that is 100%cotton.


NATURAL GAS, OIL OR FURNACE LEAK ODORS: repair the faulty systems. The hydrocarbons from oil, gas or coal or incomplete combustion from a faulty furnace exhaust commonly causes asthma and chemical sensitivities such as aggression, fatigue, unclear thinking, headaches, muscle aches etc.

MICROWAVE OVENS: Get a small electric over for heating small items. If you microwave plastic, it leaks into the food and can cause girls to develop breast at 6-8 years and also affects boys sexually-and it is also one cause of breast cancer.
TEFLON COOKWARE: Never heat on high. Use medium or low only or don't use it at all. The chemical that is emitted can quickly kill birds and we do not know what it does to children or pregnant women.
DISPOSABLE DIAPERS: Try Tushies or a cotton diaper service. Others can contain a chemical that feminizes the males
SANITARY PRODUCTS: Try Essentials at Health Food Store Bleached products might contain dioxin which is thought to cause endometriosis and cancer in animals and women
HAIR DYES: Let it remain gray or use a natural brand of hair dye.
MAINTENANCE PRODUCTS: fresh paint and solvents like turpentine, plywood, and particleboard furniture can all be toxic. You can check what is in any home or personal item by sending it to Anderson laboratory. They will expose mice and sometimes the mice swell up, have problems breathing, get rashes and become paralyzed and die. They can video the response of the mice to a chemical. 802.295.7344. Some school carpets, example, give off chemicals that do this in less than four hours. See the video or DVD entitled Environmentally Sick Schools, which clearly demonstrates this. Call 1.800.787.8780.


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