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VIDEO: Allergies Do Alter Activities and Behavior
By Dr. Rapp

This video has three parts. It clarifies the relationship of unsuspected allergies to some children's sudden health, behavior, activity or learning problems. Each part illustrates how certain changes can be produced and eliminated during Provocation-Neutralization testing with one drop of allergy extract. Tapes show how to recognize this problem and how to figure out possible causes.

Part I (11 min.)

"How You Can Recognize Unsuspected Allergies" vividly shows how some allergic children feel, look, act, behave, write or draw.

Part II (15 min.)

"Make The Connection" tells what causes allergy and what you can do about it. It pinpoints offending environmental factors or triggering substances. It clearly shows how molds, dust, pollen, pets, foods, and chemicals can be factors related to our 'well-being, behavior, or ability to learn.

Part III (17 min.)

"Clues To Predict Possible Allergy" this video correlates some children's behavior with their response to allergy tests. It shows an allergic infant and other children who have fatigue, hyperactivity, Tourette's Syndrome, or learning problems.

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