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BOOK: The Impossible Child, At Home and At School
By Dr. Rapp

Can you relate to ANY of the following:

  • "Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde" personalities?
  • Different personalities when outside?
  • Poor school grades in relation to the I.Q.?
  • Problems in some classrooms, but not in others?
  • Recurrent fatigue, irritability, headaches, intestinal problems?
  • Poor concentration after lunch?
  • A better disposition and personality if they don't eat?
  • Inappropriate activity or behavior at parties or celebrations?

If you have been able to relate any of the above to a particular youngster, that child may have an unsuspected or unrecognized allergy contributing to learning problems.  This book is designed for caring but perplexed educators and parents who want to help children who have been erroneously labeled as dumb, lazy, nasty, rude, overactive, irritable, slow or impossible.  This book will enable you to recognize which children have allergies or food or chemical sensitivities interfering with their ability to learn and behave normally.  Practical sensible ways to help children with these problems are discussed.  With this information you may be able to alter the course of some child's life in a more positive direction - today!

"Teachers, counselors, probation officers, parents, grandparents, doctors, and anyone who has a friend, lover or relative must know the facts in this revealing book. Now, because of the work of Dr. Rapp, we can blame foods and the things, we breathe, and mother is off the hook."
From the introduction by Lendon Smith, MD

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