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BOOK: Is This Your Child's World? - For Students - Parents - Teachers
By Dr. Rapp

This new practical book tells you exactly what you, your teacher, your school, and your doctor want and need to know about illness due to school, home and environmental exposures. only ($24.95)

*How can you easily tell if the indoor air affects the way your children or their teachers look, feel, act, behave, write, draw, or remember?                            

*How can you best determine the cause of these problems and what you and/or your child's school can do about them?

*Learn how to get the right answers by asking the right kinds of questions and then where to turn for help.

* Whenever possible, the advice is separated into what is:

    • Fast, Easy And Inexpensive?
    • Better, But More Expensive?
    • Best, But Definitely Costly?

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