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VIDEO: Environmentally Sick Schools
This accompanying video for the book Is This Your Child's World, vividly demonstrates exactly how some students and teachers react when they are exposed to dust, molds, pollen, foods, chemicals, school air, and school carpets.
BOOK: Is This Your Child's World? - For Students - Parents - Teachers
This new practical book tells you exactly what you, your teacher, your school, and your doctor want and need to know about illness due to school, home and environmental exposures. ($24.95)

BOOK: Is This Your Child? (Or You?)
Dr. Rapp discusses how it is sometimes possible to detect and help an infant's, child's or adult's allergies. Many only need to make a few simple changes in their diet or their home to relieve certain chronic health, activity, disposition, or learning pro
BOOK: The Impossible Child, At Home and At School
"Teachers, counselors, probation officers, parents, grandparents, doctors, and anyone who has a friend, lover or relative must know the facts in this revealing book. Now, because of the work of Dr. Rapp, we can blame foods and the things, we breathe, and
BOOKLET: Make The Connection
Practical information to help some allergic individuals recognize it or why they are frequently or always ill. only ($3.25)
Clues to Find Answers
This article gives many "warning signs" and ways to watch for allergies to food and environmental pollutants.
VIDEO: Allergies Do Alter Activities and Behavior
This video has three parts. It clarifies the relationship of unsuspected allergies to some children's sudden health, behavior, activity or learning problems.
VIDEO: Why a Clean Classroom?
This video is primarily for educators and parents. It illustrates the pressing need for environmentally clean classrooms and explains some simple, easy, and cost- effective ways to achieve them.
VIDEO: Five Allergic Children
This new video vividly displays five children's recent reactions to common, everyday foods.
VIDEO: Violent Tendencies In Children Due To Environmental Illness
This mini-documentary covers the topic of violent and uncontrollable behaviors caused by environmental sensitivities to pollen, whitefish and grapes.

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