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Clues to Find Answers
By Dr. Rapp

First: Think of any significant changes in your life just prior to the time when your symptoms began.

  • Was it a pollen season?
  • Had you just moved or started a new job or school?
  • Did you purchase a new mattress, carpet, furnace, furniture?
  • Did you paint or pesticide your home?
  • Did you remodel or repair something in your home?
  • Was there an upset in your health (an infection or operation), life, home, family?


When there is a characteristic change in how you or your child feel, act, or behave.


When there is a characteristic warning change in how you look. The red earlobes, dark eye circles, nose rubbing, throat clearing, wiggly legs are all typical clues that say, watch out. It is about to begin!


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