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Dr. Doris Rapp, MD - Bio

The Beginning of My Journey

My name is Doris Jean Rapp.  I was born in Erie, PA.  I graduated from the university of Buffalo, Magna Cum Laude, in l950 and earned a B.A. and M.A in biology at the University of Buffalo before doors miraculously opened and I was granted scholarships and accepted in New York University, Bellevue Medical College. When medical school was completed, I studied pediatrics and then pediatric allergy and immunology in Buffalo.  I was told that I had the highest...

Clues to Find Answers

First: Think of any significant changes in your life just prior to the time when your symptoms began.

  • Was it a pollen season?
  • Had you just moved or started a new job or school?
  • Did you purchase a new mattress, carpet, furnace, furniture?
  • Did you paint or pesticide your home?
  • Did you remodel or repair something in your home?
  • Was there an upset in your health (an infection or operation), life, home, family?


When there is a characteristic change in how you or your child feel...

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