Dr. Doris J. Rapp

Basic Information:

My name is Doris Jean Rapp. I was born in Erie,Pa. I graduated from the university of Buffalo, magna cum laude,in l950 and earned a B.A. and M.A in biology at the University of Buffalo before doors miraculously opened and I was granted scholarships and accepted in New York University, Bellevue Medical College. When medical school was completed, I studied pediatrics and then pediatric allergy and immunology in Buffalo. I was told that I had the highest grade in the country when I took the national pediatric allergy board examinations and I was subsequently a medical examiner for a short while. I married my college boyfriend after my medical training was completed and remained married until l996 when I moved to Scottsdale, Arizona. Unfortunately we never had children but I do have two darling spoiled apricot toy poodles.

Early Religious Background And Value System

Although my father was a non- practicing catholic and my mother a theosophist, we never attended church. My mother studied comparative religion and instilled an extremely high set of personal life and spiritual values in her children. She was forced to become a workaholic and this philosophy was adopted by all her children. She was very proud and would never have considered taking welfare or assistance from anyone.

In time, I too became interested in various forms of Christianity, spirituality and was especially attracted to Sai Baba in India. I believe that compassion and caring are values to strive for on a daily basis, not just on Sundays for a hour or so.

Early Childhood History

My childhood was poor beyond belief. My parents separated when I was 9 years old. Mother moved my older sister, my younger brother and myself to Dunkirk and for the next six years we children picked crops every day from sun up to sun down during the summer except when it rained. The rest of the year, my idea of fun was to go to the library and bring home as many books as I could carry, as often as possible. Many laughed at me when I said I wanted to be a physician but it never entered my head that I would not make my dream a reality. Fortunately, when I was 15, we moved to Buffalo, N.Y. I graduated from high school when I was 16 and because we were already in Buffalo, premed at the University of Buffalo was possible.

Why I Became A Physician

There were no professionals in my family, and women physicians were very rare in the 50's. I knew that medicine was my destiny because for no explainable reason I was positive at the age of 4 years that I would become a physician. We never saw doctors when I was a child. We had no money for such a luxury. Fortunately, I was a very healthy child and I never even saw a physician until I had to have a physical examination to enter medical college. I never regretted my choice and have always been thankful to have the opportunity to help so many in this lifetime. (I believe in reincarnation.)

My Philosophy of Medicine

I believe with all my heart that far too many individuals cannot afford proper medical care or drugs so we must meet that challenge and educate everyone so they can learn more about medicine and help to care for themselves. My aim is to make the very best decisions that I can in relation to all aspects of each child's total well being. It is rarely just a child who needs treatment; it is a family. I therefore sincerely try to help all the other family members if that is indicated and possible while I am caring for the one child. 

Our challenge for physicians is to find fast, easy, safe, effective and inexpensive ways to heal. Yes, there are times to use antibiotics and cortisone, but safer herbal and homeopathic remedies surely should be tried first if they can resolve medical problems. The joy and opportunity in medicine is to try to find ways to relieve illness without the use of drugs by using safer equally effective modalities and medications.

Each individual is different and the treatment is rarely identical. everyone must find out why they are ill, not just treat the symptoms. The key is success is to find and eliminate the cause of an illness and then teach each individual, even children, to recognize the early clues of an illness and how to eliminate the cause if that is possible. Illness is typically a mix of factors which are physical, emotional and spiritual. All levels must be discussed and considered in relation to any sickness.

What's Special About My Method of Practicing?

I believe you can't cut corners in medicine. If you don't examine a child's previous health records, do a thorough physical and discuss all aspects of the youngster's illness, you have not practiced medicine as it should be done. At the present time big business and insurance reimbursement policies determine how we  practice medicine. If the insurance will not cover the cost, doctors are forced to practice rush medicine and patients must be satisfied with drugs that mainly help to mask their symptoms. Too little time and effort is expended to find the cause. Time is money in medicine so it is difficult to spend 1-2 hours finding out why someone is ill, even if that is only way to find the needed answers. I will spend the time that is needed and will not let the insurance companies dictate how long I can spend with a patient, what I can and cannot do, or what I can charge. I believe that absolutely nothing is as rewarding as:

  • turning children's lives around so they are able to reach their full potential,
  • saving a marriage because a child's unacceptable or inappropriate behavior or because of undue family stresses which arise when illnesses are only treated with drugs. If the basic cause of behavior problems or recurrent illness are not recognized and eliminated, such problems can persist for years.
  • finding answers when smarter and better physicians have failed to do so. (This is an ego problem with which I still struggle.)
  • learning how to effectively assist the body so it can heal itself. Yes, this happens more than we doctors would like to admit.

 The First Turning Point in My Practice

In l975 I learned that there were newer and better ways to practice allergy. I found out:

  • That allergy was much more than hayfever, asthma and itchyskin. Any area of the body or brain could be affected by dust, molds, foods, pollen, chemicals, and electromagnetic energy.
  • How to do a 3-7 day diet to pinpoint elusive food problems,
  • That chemicals can cause terrible illness that is not recognized by many.
  • That there is a slower but much better way to do allergy skin testing called Provocation/Neutralization. With this, one can show in less that 8 minutes, that a drop of allergy extract, a speck of a food, or a whiff of some chemical, could cause specific medical complaints, activity, behavior and learning problems. Even more astounding was the fact that such responses could be eliminated or neutralized in less than 8 minutes with a single drop of a different dilution of an allergy extract. The patient's symptoms then could be relieved with drops of the correct dilutions of allergy extract by injection or by giving the allergy extract under the tongue.  This form of treatment enabled many patient to eat foods and breathe dust, molds, pollen and some chemicals with less or no symptoms.

To convince the many skeptics who would not look or listen, I videotaped almost every patient who saw me for over 20 years before, during and after their individual reactions to dust, molds, pollen, foods and chemicals. The purpose was to demonstrate unequivocally to parents, children, doctors, psychologists, education's and others that these reactions were real and could be produced or eliminated, at will, during this newer method of allergy testing. (After using these newer methods for 20 years, nothing could force me to practice pediatric allergy as I initially did. The newer ways are simply far superior.)

As a result of the above, I wrote a number of books and created video and audio teaching tapes as listed under the resources. I was fortunate to be on the Donahue talk show three times. We received 140,000 letters from the l988 show. The parents were desperate and truly did not know what to do or where to go. They were truly crying for help. Some came to our center and they were helped so dramatically that the book entitled, Is This Your Child was created.

The Second Critical Turning Point In My Practice

In about l994, I was positively astounded to learn about some ways that appeared to be faster, much less expensive, and equally or more effective ways to possibly treat allergies. Unfortunately, they were not scientifically documented. It all began when the mother of a boy who was 85 % better called to say her son was 95% better after a treatment that consisted of a some newer chiropractic techniques ( TBM and NET) that used muscle testing and various dubious methods to open up certain organ meridians worked out centuries ago by Chinese and Indian acupuncturists. I strongly doubted what the mother said but she was so convincing that I journeyed to Canada to see this doctor. It looked like total nonsense but his patients claimed that hey had improved dramatically. Therefore, I decided to send this doctor about 20 patients who had not responded as completely or favorably as I had hoped. To my astonishment, they all improved and were better than they were on my treatment. Some could stop the diet, the allergy injection treatments and even return to known polluted schools without difficulty.  I could not believe it but the evidence was strong enough to make me realize that these methods certainly needed more study to explain why they appeared to help and to validate their effectiveness. In fact, I was so impressed with the above, that in November, l995, because of this and some other factors, I  closed my busy office in Buffalo and moved to Scottsdale in the hopes of helping to start World Family Health Medical Villages.

My Ultimate Goal In Life and Personal Promise:

I will do all I can to help create WORLD FAMILY HEALTH MEDICAL VILLAGES. I want to be a spoke in the wheel to help and to heal in any way that I can to create such villages.

We need:

  • Places are needed all over our planet to diagnose, treat and teach entire families why they are ill and how they can personally prevent and more effectively treat their families in our increasingly polluted world. They must learn to recognize the early clues of illness and continually ask what was eaten, touched or smelled that might have precipitated an illness at a certain time. Too many in the medical profession do not fully appreciate or even believe the role of chemicals, foods, or common allergens such as molds in relation to the many new and old medical illnesses and social challenges of today. This portion of the village must be for profit, but certainly not exorbitant.
  • Well- trained healers of all types to share, listen and learn. They must all be willing to  shed their egos and preconceived ideas to help critically evaluate potentially newer and better ways to help.
  • A place to teach parents, children, educators, psychologists, physicians and healers of all types, if they are willing, about newer ways to possibly help physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • A large location that is less polluted where the homes and schools, construction, furnishings, and supplies are all as environmentally-safe as possible. In addition, the rooms should heal with color, aroma, and sound, each one being specifically adapted to each individual's needs.
  • Stores where proven environmentally-safe quality products are available at fair prices.
  • Eating facilities that serves only organic vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Those who visit or live in the village should learn  how to cook and grow foods organically.
  • To make television reports and videos of patients showing our successes. The healers in each village must spend time learning from every failure.
  • A facility to do research that has no vested interests where fair scientific research can be conducted to evaluate the newer methods or products that look promising. A seal of approval from the "Village" would indicate that some item is probably environmentally-safe for the majority. The results must be published and the chips must fall where they the evidence dictates. This portion of the village must be a non-profit 501 C 3.
  • Simple booklets with video, audio and song tapes to teach about individual medical complaints and these must be available in many languages.
  • Games, booklets, song tapes and videos for children must be developed to teach them about environmental illness and spiritual (not churchy) values, Children must learn that love, kindness, helping, truth, and hard work are much more important and rewarding in life than money, sex and violence.
  • Medical investigators who will travel among the Village Centers and share information about newer effective ways that help, and also discuss methods that have proven to be ineffective.
  • Villages of the above type to spring up all over the world to help the poor, as well as the wealthy.
  • Each village must also provide care, at no cost, with 10% of their profits to help desperate single mothers, for example, who cannot afford any type of quality medical care.


Until such a facility is available, I shall lecture, teach, prepare all sorts of educational materials and continue to do select consultations. I shall do my best to increase everyone's awareness of the many dangers of our thoughtless continued pollution of our food, water, soil, air, homes schools, workplaces and clothing. If we continue as we are, I seriously believe that we shall not have, as Rachael Carlson wrote in l962, a silent spring, but a silent spring, summer, fall and winter.