Let’s Turn A Child’s Life Around

Dr. Rapp’s latest book entitled ‘Handwriting Can Reveal Allergies‘ shows how parents and educators can spot changes in a child’s handwriting and maybe turn that child’s life around. They can try to correlate the writing changes to what their child just ate, touched or smelled. This simple clue might explain why a child seems to be unable to learn at certain times or in certain places because of specific exposures. With a bit of thought, a child’s entire future might be turned around. This can happen by simply noting where, when and why a child’s handwriting drastically changes. Think about how well a mold-sensitive child might not learn in a moldy school or if they happen to be allergic to the dairy or wheat they eat every day. Children have only one chance for an education because they have only those few critical years that comprise a childhood. Let’s help detect the children whose futures are in jeopardy because of a missed food, dust, mold, pollen or chemical sensitivity. This book can greatly help parents and educators detect some of these allergic children while there is still time before their education is completed.

For example, let us suppose a glass of milk alters a child’s ability to write normally. The answer might be as simple as stopping all dairy. Suppose a child can’t learn in a moldy room because there was a previous major water leak. If that child is put into a room that is not contaminated with molds, that child might think more clearly and easily earn passing grades. Sure most children will not have this problem but the lives of those who are mold-sensitive might be greatly enhanced by getting rid of the molds or changing the child to a relatively mold-free classroom or school.

Simply watch for handwriting changes to tap into why a child might not learn well at certain times or in certain places. The handwriting can actually reflect how well a brain works? Think of all the problems a child will have if the brain does not work efficiently because of a food allergy or sensitivity to dust, molds, pollen or chemicals. What a blessing if this “easy to see and inexpensive” clue can provide such life-changing possibly helpful answers. Just look for dramatic sudden changes in the handwriting. and keep asking what was just eaten, touched or smelled. If there is a relationship, the answers should be clearly evident. Let’s see how many teachers can turn some lives around, simply by correlating when and why some child’s handwriting dramatically changed. Let’s see how many children’s lives can be reversed by simply figuring out why there is a sudden change in the handwriting.

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