I Am Against Gardasil

I am a physician who is strongly definitely against the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine (Gardasil) being given to any girls. The vaccine protects against only a very few of the many possible viruses that can cause cervical cancer. The vaccine is known to cause possible devastating long term health effects and even deaths in some healthy young girls. It protects against an illness that is a health problem, not in girls but in older women.

In addition, the illness, cervical cancer, can be recognized and controlled by regular gyno examinations in adult females. In other words, there is absolutely no need for its use this vaccine in young girls and, in addition, it can be harmful, dangerous and even deadly when given to some of them. A treatment should never be worse than the disease. To force young girls to take a vaccine that is not needed in childhood to prevent an illness that can safely be prevented, recognized and treated when it occurs in adults, is ridiculous. Why should any girl have to take such a chance. Let us be fair to the to young women. I would certainly not give it to any daughter of mine.

Too bad if the vaccine company loses money. They have already fixed it legally so that if they sell vaccines that are proven to be harmful, they cannot be held responsible for any bad effects.

The nun Teresa Forcades, who became famous in 2012 to spearhead a campaign to prevent the flu vaccine be mandatory, has now opened a website: http://teresaforcades.com/ to publish documents and producing videos, including one that calls for is removed papilloma virus vaccine for children. The Benedictine nun, who is a medical doctor, has posted on this page a document calling for “immediate withdrawal vaccine immunization schedule for children in Spain and identify responsibilities” to health authorities, pharmaceutical companies and appropriate physicians. “

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  1. Deana Bossio says:

    As a Certified Health Coach, and RN I completely agree with Dr. Rapp. Vaccinations have and always will be only a theory as there isn’t any scientific proof that vaccinations of any kind do actually prevent disease. I was vaccinated for chicken pox and I got the virus, missed 2 weeks of school and have a scar from it. Vaccinations are all about money. BIG Pharma has bought and paid off so many health care practitioners and the government while poisoning billions of people world-wide. Drugs in general are not needed to get healthy or maintain health. All drugs including vaccinations have very serious life-long complications that negatively affect the natural, God-given immune system. We have an immune system that works if we nourish it with whole foods, get plenty of fresh air and sunshine (without sunscreen), natural movement instead of unnatural exercise, etc. We have been poisoned with misinformation and marketing ploys. The trust in the system of health care is broken. The system of health care is broken.

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