Autism and Our Environment

Autism has been dramatically on the increase since I started in the medical field decades ago. I can recall thinking how I would never see the rate of autism increase to 1:100. Currently it is estimated that as many as 1:50 are affected by this syndrome.

There are many factors that have been linked to this increase. The average baby is marinated in 278+ very toxic, harmful chemicals in the uterus for 9 months prior to birth. It is no wonder the brains of youngsters are now less effective and efficient than they were in the past.

What seems to be causing the dramatic increase (90+% from 2005-2010)? After reading this study published in Clinical Epigenetics, it seems clear that there are many factors that play into this epidemic.

Mercury Toxicity, when combined with a zinc deficiency in the child, can allow the mercury to settle in the brain causing oxidative stress, causing impaired learning abilities.

A lack of nutrition in today’s diets also play a key role. With many unknowingly suffering from mineral deficiencies like magnesium, calcium, and zinc, combined with the barrage of high fructose corn syrup (also known to contain heavy metals), lead in the human system is much more detrimental to the cognitive and behavioral growth of children.

Lacking Mg and Ca in the diet can also allow for organophosphates to cause harm to the body, as the PON1 enzyme is responsible for the detoxification of organophosphates, and is very much calcium dependent. “The availability and catalytic activity of PON1 are impaired in many children with ASD making them more susceptible to the toxic effects of OP pesticide residues which are most frequently found in grain,” according to the studies authors.

“In the 27-member European Union (EU), of which Italy is an original participant, HFCS is known as “isoglucose” and currently it is rarely consumed by Italians. Americans on the other hand consume on average 35.7 pounds per year, which may increase their overall Hg exposure. Figure 3 shows U.S. per capita food consumption in pounds per year for HFCS beginning in the early 1970s and increasing throughout the 1980s to reach a peak between 1999 and 2002. In our previous publication, we reported the peak years for annual consumption of HFCS in the U.S. occurred within the same period as when the annual growth rates of autism peaked in California.” This means that there is a solid correlation between the increase in HFCS consumption and autism growth rate.

How much more of this do we need to take to stand up and say no?! We must take action all the way to the top! Eat organic and as local as possible! Supplement with safe and effective vitamins and minerals! Say NO to GMO! Say YES to love and compassion for our fellow human beings, as we are not getting that from the greed of crony capitalists and politicians.


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