Can peanut allergies be caused by vaccines?

The answer is unequivocally YES!

Prior to the 20th century, peanut allergies were unheard of. And seeing a reaction to peanuts was even more rare, if it happened at all. Dr. Tim O’Shea, author of The Doctor Within, argues that vaccines are largely responsible for both the advent and increased prevalence of peanut allergy. How? Because of the use of excipients from peanut oil.

Since peanut oil is a relatively inexpensive oil to produce, refined peanut oil became widely adopted as an excipient of choice in the production of vaccines during the 1960s. To this day, it is still widely used today for this purpose.

“The change came with vaccines,” Dr. O’Shea states. “Peanut oils were introduced as vaccine excipients in the mid 1960s. By 1980 they had become the preferred excipient. They were considered adjuvants – substances able to increase reactivity to the vaccine. This reinforced the Adjuvant Myth: the illusion that immune response is the same as immunity [2]: the pretense being that the stronger the allergic response to the vaccine, the greater will be the immunity that is conferred.”

We must stop this epidemic of pseudo-science scams that are harming our bodies and environment.

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