Wake Up!

Wake up Americans. If the bees die off to a degree that major crops are no longer pollinated, we are goners. If we also goof with genetically engineered foods, we are doomed even faster and more completely. Read the books of Jeff Smith, such as Genetic Roulette. Our demise is directly related to the amount of pollution we allow in our daily food, air, water, homes and work places.

This is what is going on: The corporations pay the lobbyists and they bribe our politicians so they vote for what the corporations and politicians want- not what our people and planet need. The bottom line is to get politicians who recognize the full significance of what they are doing or not doing. It boils down to their knowing their responsibility and the accountability they need for their actions. We need to have full visibility of what is really going on or it will lead ultimately to our ruination.

My book “Our Toxic World A Wake Up Call” tells what is wrong and why. It tells it “all”- as it really is with all the documentation anyone would ever need. My book ” 32 Tips to Keep You Safe tells you how to protect your loved ones and your personal little nest. The answers are fast, easy, safe, effective and whenever possible, inexpensive. Many can be helped in one day with an air purifier if their problem is dust,mold, pollen, or chemicals. If the problem is foods, a simple one week free allergy diet in my books, like the Allergy Answers Booklet, has helped many thousands of families.

It is difficult to make anyone listen and this remains perplexing to ‘idealistic me’. I have outlined ways to raise academic performance and lower expenses while decreasing drop outs, health, activity and behavior problems- but few listen and even fewer do anything about it. Tell me- how do we change what is going on for the better? If anyone has any ideas how I can get the message out so things change, please leave a comment or send an email to contact@drrapp.com.

I am listening.

Is anyone else listening???

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