Are Brominated Oils (A Chemical Flame Retardant) Hurting You?

Sarah Kavanaugh deserves special praise and thanks for greatly increasing people’s awareness about the dangers of brominated oils in beverages. All on her own, she is “moving mountains”. She is pressuring all the big beverage producers. Use her as a role model showing how one person, with passion in her abdomen for something that is right and needed, can turn a wrong around and beat out even some big corporations. She did it by turning little know wrongs into common knowledge. We need to clone her enthusiasm and personality type. That young lady will rise above the crowd. Watch and see.

Brominated oils (used in flame retardants) are now found in some soda pop and they can cause early puberty and decreased fertility. Avoid them. In time our government will recognize or admit and warn all about this potential danger but until then, protect yourself and your loved ones. Read my book- Our Toxic World a Wake Up Call. See and find out why, how, when and where you can be hurt from hidden chemicals.

Brominated oils in beverages have been banned in many foreign countries, including Japan. What is our government waiting for?! Which politicians are being tempted by legal bribers called lobbyists? We need more wise, vocal, and visible protectors in congress.

If your favorite drink contains a brominated oil, do not drink it, until there is more proof of safety or it is banned. The brominated oils used in some beverages is thought to cause decreased fertility and lower birth weights.

Items found with this dangerous ingredient include soda pop and Gatorade.

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One comment on “Are Brominated Oils (A Chemical Flame Retardant) Hurting You?

  1. Derevaun pham on said:

    My son gets a terrible rash when he ingests this chemical. Its like hives under the skin with about a million bumps from his face to his neck. It lasts about two weeks. It took me about 6 months to figure out that he got it every time he spent the night with my sister and drank Stewart’s orange cream soda. Yep, geared towards kids and filled with chemicals, banned in over 100 countries. Why is it still allowed in our food system????!Reply - Quote

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