Chlorine Transforming Into Triclosan and Dioxin?

The EPA is checking to see if chlorine in waste water treatment plants can form triclosan and dioxins- which are admittedly very bad. These can then get into our food chain and cause cancer deformities in fish, frogs and animals.

Of course we should ask if humans should also be included. I believe the answer is one resounding yes. It is becoming progressively more important all of us to try to protect ourselves from the plethora of dangerous products in our air, water, foods, etc.

The answer: Go natural as much as you can, as often as you can, with everything you can. Cancer is all over the world for good reasons, we know why but do little to help ourselves. Each person must try to protect him/herself as much as possible. Our government via the politicians have too much lobbyist pressure to begin to protect us.

Read Our Toxic World, A Wake up Call or 32 Tips To Keep You Safe by myself, Dr Doris Rapp. You can protect yourself and your loved ones but you must know where, why, and how you can be hurt. Let my books provide some meaningful insight to help you today.

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