What can a state do about toxic pollution?

Utah has a set of plans to limit everyday emissions from aerosol deodorants, hair sprays, wood burning fireplaces etc. This is a step in the right direction but what about making hybrid electric cars mandatory in the near future. That would truly make a significant difference.

We know what is causing cancer but we are reluctant to do what is needed to stop cancer causing toxins. Why? When will we do what is obviously needed to provide the American people better health by simply banning deadly toxins or enforcing avoidance of known carcinogens.

Want an example? 2,4D , an herbicide, is outlawed in many countries all over the world because it causes lymphoma, a form of cancer, especially in men. Why is still being sold in this country? Is it possible someone is getting the kick backs? Similarly why is aspartame and msg still allowed in so many of our food or beverage products when they are known to cause so many serious health problems? We are not walking our talk and should hang our heads in shame.

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