Is the amount of mercury infants receive in vaccines safe?

The unequivocal answer is not known at this time. In 1999, it was thought children might be  receiving too much mercury, as thimerosal in their vaccines. There is no doubt that mercury is toxic to children. The bottom line is this: Is there enough mercury, of the type that can harm infants, from multiple recommended vaccines that infants now receive to cause harm? Some believe that this is a possible factor in the present alarming increase in autism and other neuro-developmental problems.

The AAP called for its removed it 2004.  An independent U.S. Institute of Medicine (Check out  who really paid for the study) concluded there was no evidence thimerosal-containing vaccines could cause autism. A study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention concluded mercury in vaccines was safe. Thimerosal contains ethyl mercury. Toxic effects are mainly from methyl mercury. The World Health Organization has suggested replacing thimerosal with an alternative preservative to improve vaccine safety but might cause some vaccines (possible toxic and non toxic types ) to become unavailable. We need to apply the sensible “Precautionary Principle” that is used in Europe. Prove something is safe before a country considers releasing it to the American public. This is only common sense. Let us hope they check out any alternative to mercury before  they put it into vaccines. We do more to protect big business than we do to protect  ordinary Americans. The big business corporations pay the lobbyists who bribe the politicians who in turn determine whether we live or die from chemical exposures. We need to start doing more to protect the public. We  must insist on using only  safe components in vaccines. Read my Book, Our Toxic World, A Wake Up Call. Write your comments to Facebook.

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