In an attempt to deal with the 206 million gallons of light crude oil released in an accidental oil spill the thoughtless foolish decision makers immediately unleashed about 2.6 million gallons of Coexist dispersants (another bad chemical) in surface waters and at the wellhead on the sea floor. They needed the wisdom to find a much safer, better way to cope with the terrible catastrophe.

From the beginning the wisdom of the above decision should have been discussed and then vigorously and wisely abandoned. Apparently no one was big, powerful, or wise enough to say one does not clear up one most unfortunate pollution mess by creating another even worse mess. What a pity our government or the polluters are still not realizing that the people of this nation must be protected from toxic chemicals in our water (and air and food).

Many in the affected areas are probably ill now (many will not have any idea why) and many more will become ill in the future because too few, including those in the medical profession, have taken the time to question the safety of the chemicals used. Far too many have too little training and knowledge about the causes, symptoms and treatments of chemical sensitivities. Most do not know that chemicals in the water or elsewhere can adversely affect any area of the body or the brain.

The pregnant, newborns, young, aged and those with allergies or damaged immune systems eventually will be the most harmed from the chemicals in the water, especially in the areas near the coast. We have unfortunately not heard the end of this problem. Many lives will never be the same unless they can find a physician trained in the diagnosis and treatment of environmental illness.

Visit the AAEM website or call 316 684 5500 for a nearby environmental illness trained physician. Get my booklet entitled Allergy Answers to possibly help you know more about the types of symptoms you might have that would not typically be recognized as being due to a chemical exposure from polluted tap or bathing water. If your symptoms began after the spill, you might improve simply by drinking pure water from some other than the tap.

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