Pollution Linked To Autism - New Study Says

A new study suggests that babies who are exposed to lots of traffic-related air pollution in the womb and during their first year of life are more likely to become autistic. The findings support previous research linking how close children live to freeways with their risk of autism, according to the study’s lead author.

When will we wake up? If we keep being exposed to polluted air, water, food and home furnishings, we are sunk. More than the bees are at stake. No one is going to do it for you. Make some strides in the right direction in relation to all exposures to chemicals.

If autism is not your major concern, what about cancer? It is all related. Please. Your body is precious, as are your children. Take care to avoid the chemical pollution that permeates your home and world as such as humanly possible.

You can make a difference.

Read my book Our Toxic World, A Wake Up Call to learn where the culprits lie and then read 32 Tips to Keep You Safe for practical ways to cope with the chemical challenges.

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