ADHD Risk Increased With Maternal Mercury Exposure

According to new medical evidence from a recent study published in the JAAPA, the risk of having children with ADHD after the mother had been exposed to higher levels of the known neurotoxin mercury increased.

Sharon K Sagiv, PhD, MPH, from the Boston University School of Public Health, and colleagues examined the association between peripartum maternal hair mercury levels (421 subjects) and maternal report of fish consumption during pregnancy (515 subjects) on ADHD-related behavior in their children at 8 years of age.

After taking possible confounding factors into account, the researchers found that mercury exposure was associated with inattention and impulsivity/hyperactivity, with an apparent threshold at ?1µg/g of mercury. Vaccines with added Thimerosal (approximately 50% mercury by weight) contain over 50 times the affecting threshold.

Before taking any vaccines, be sure to do your homework. That includes reading “Our Toxic World - A Wake Up Call” and knowing what is in your vaccines prior to injection, if you choose to have them at all.

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2 comments on “ADHD Risk Increased With Maternal Mercury Exposure

  1. elizabeth konya on said:

    I am curious….my grandmother washed us all with neco2% blue soap when we were children. This was a sopa used by doctors to sterilize their hands…..It was wonderful for getting rid of underarm odor (and we lived in Memphis) and when it stopped working as well, we discovered that there was no longer mercury in it. By this time, I was a woman grown with children….all of whom have allergies including myself. Myself and my youngest have been diagnosed ADHD and my daughter’s 3 sons all have it as well. My mother and myself both had hysterectomys in our 30′s. My grandfather developed cancer of the colon and my grandmother as well….hers was so severe she had to have a colostomy. I need to know more about this and what to expect inthe future and how this will affect my grandchildren…they were not exposed to the soap…but probably the fish in Lake Erie had mercury levels in it. Out of my mother’s 4 children, 3 of us have auto immune diseases, myself with Hashimotos, my sister with MS and my brother has psoriatic arthritis. Any ideas or advice? thank youReply - Quote

  2. Doris Rapp, MD on said:

    You need my book entitled Is This Your Child’s World. I believe it would greatly help your entire family. It is very inexpensive and very very very informative and practical.

    I am certain that book will help!


    Dr. Doris RappReply - Quote

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