EPA To Evaluate Flame Retardants

The latest is that the EPA will evaluate the safety of flame retardants. We already know they are bad.

Why did not not evaluate them years ago? They are so prevalent that they are in the cord blood of nearly every newborn and the breast milk of almost every pregnant lady. The EPA is not protecting us as well as it should. They should be studying not only the effects on health adult males, but they must include the fetus, the infant, the children, the pregnant and the elderly.

Typically they do only a cursory study on young adult males. Whenever we see something really important is not being done, we should find out who could possibly have a vested interest. I think much valuable information would be found.

Who is paying the lobbyists to bribe our politicians regarding what pending issues? We need more watchdogs. That is the bottom line and then what can we do about it when we find out????

For more info about chemicals that are unfortunately allowed to hurt us, read Our Toxic World - A Wake Up Call.

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